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27 May 2016 / By / 18 Comments
Bucket List Nr. 453: Flying over a breathtaking view in a hot air balloon – CHECKED 



I’ve been dreaming about Cappadocia ever since I read about it in school. A special and unique place in the world. With outstanding anthropologic evidence and a spectacular view. From a balloon.


Flying with a balloon was something  so exotic and adventurous that simply had to be experienced. Every kid who read Jules Verne understands where I’m coming from.






Yes, you wake up at 4 am. Yes, it’s dark and cold and you drive to this place thinking about your warm bed and chic hotel room. Yes, you wish you were still in THAT bed and think this might have not been the best decision. But these thoughts hit you only until the car stops in front of one of the most spectacular landscapes you have ever seen. You can also enjoy a cup of tea or a coffee while waiting for your balloon to be ready to lift itself in the air.




As expected from a snobbish prick like me, Tudy, my butler, came along on this adventure #haha






Everywhere I go, every friend I make is Special. Here is the proof. 


Photo 06-05-16 09 35 14


Developing a Paez addiction here inima-albastru



Brace yourselves, you’re about to meet my face at 5 am in the morning, without make-up 4b


I wonder how you say ‘Bule’ in Turkish…



Photo 06-05-16 06 06 32


I was still sleepy when the balloon was slowly and calmly rising in the sky. A one hour ride (only during the early mornings, when the wind is calm, it’s the optimum time for lifting hot air balloons) at 800 feet high, overlooking the incredible Cappadocia landscape.



Yep, this is how you climb down from a camel in the modern era 5b 



H&M dress & earrings / Morodan Shop bag / Paez espadrilles 

Photos by Emil Costrut 



I totally recommend this adventure. For example, I would be afraid to jump with a parachute from a plane, but I wasn’t the tiniest bit afraid of stepping into a hot air balloon. Because the experience was much calmer, balanced I would say, serene.


Thank you Prestige, thank you for gifting us this perfect life experience with impeccable organization and care. You have my complete gratitude and satisfaction.


Oh, here are my other adventures with Prestige in Turkeyinima-albastru



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  1. Ina says:

    Asta da aventura 😀 sper sa ajung si eu intr-o zi sa zbor cu balonul

  2. miu miu says:

    love love love that dress!

  3. Stanca says:

    Doamne, ce peisaje, wow <3

  4. Maria Stanciulescu says:

    Am ales Turcia ca destinatia de vara, iar dupa ce ti-am urmarit postarile din excursie, ma bucur tot mai tare sa vad ca am facut o decizie inteleapta. Ne-ai prezentat niste locuri absolut superbe, abia astept sa ajung sa le vad cu ochii mei.

  5. Catalina G says:

    E visul meu sa merg cu balonul <3

  6. Olimpia says:

    Irisii sunt florile mele preferate, acolo cresc de la sine in salbaticie? Ce tare!

  7. Lucretia Toma says:

    Ahahaha vai, l-ai luat si pe Tudi, nu pot sa cred :))))

  8. Morofan says:

    Arati minunat chiar si nedormita & nemachiata. We love you

  9. Emi Emilia says:

    Esti superba in poza fara machiaj, iar cele din irisi sunt divine!

  10. Amariutei Roxana says:

    In ultima poza nu imi dau seama daca imi place mai mult rochia sau privelistea :)) amandoua sunt splendide

  11. Georgiana Ramada says:

    Cred ca e o experienta minunata cea cu balonul, te invidiez 🙂

  12. Ana Claudia Rotescu says:

    Prima poza, wow! Ce frumos e copacul impodobit cu simbolurile lor!

  13. Ana Maria P. says:

    Ce faini sunt cerceii, very 1001 De Nopti 😉

  14. Flavia says:

    Superb! <3

  15. Celina says:

    Ce bine ti se potrivesc peisajele de acolo 🙂

  16. Ilynca says:

    Mi-e o frica de inaltimi de mor, dar m-ai convins, zborul cu balonul pare o experienta extraordinara. One day maybe :))

  17. Olteanu Miruna says:

    Nu creeeeed ca l-ai luat si pe Tudi! Ce tare! Poza cu camila e beton 😀

  18. federova says:

    Foarte frumoase pozele, peisajele iti taie rasuflarea.

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