I’m Dead Beat with a Flu and it Has Side Effects

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26 May 2016 / By / 20 Comments


I’m sorry for not being able to attend your party, Viva Magazine. And a big thank you to everyone who offered to design a dress for me to wear at this event. I promise to wear them glamorously soon. I just have to s s sss ssss sss sneeze for a sec.


God, I haven’t been this ill since my kindergarten days. Yep, what you’re thinking right now is what S also said after seeing this video. I don’t look THAT ill. #haha


Ahhh, the things people do for a little fun. 5b



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  1. Casandra says:

    wish I’d be this glamorous when ill :))

  2. Angelica says:

    Giiiiirl, you’ve got some dance moves!

  3. amalia b says:

    hahhaaha absolut genial!

  4. manuellaaaaa says:

    Moro, esti nebuna :)))))))))

  5. Fleur says:

    Best thing I’ve seen all week 😀

  6. Kiki Denisa says:

    Ador faptul ca nu esti una din blogerii care au uitat de unde au pornit si se iau mult, mult, muuuuult prea in serios. Cei mai faini oameni stiu sa rada si de ei insisi 😉

  7. Flavia says:

    Ar trebui sa pui un warning, am izbucnit in ras in plina sedinta!

  8. Ana Clau says:

    Nu e nimeni ca voi!!! ?

  9. Antonela says:

    Ce sexy esti in salopeta neagra, love it!

  10. Mani says:


  11. Antoooo says:

    Petrecerea Viva a suferit o mare pierdere ?

  12. Iulyyy says:

    Nu mai pooot, esti absolut dementa!!! Am murit de ras

  13. Bunea Nichita says:

    Vai, mor. Mi-ai facut dimineata, Ana!!

  14. Denisa says:

    Filmuletul asta e cea mai amuzanta chestie pe care am vazut-o in a really long time, mi-au dat lacrimile ??

  15. Vera Tompea says:

    m-ai lasat cracanata de ras :)))))))

  16. Karina O says:

    Ar trebui sa faci un dance battle cu Maurice, ar fi super cool 😀

  17. Noisette says:

    Oh my god. Best. Party. Ever!

  18. Ana Constantinescu says:

    #dying ???

  19. Georgiana Petre says:

    Asa coregrafie, ceva absolut magnific, Ana!

  20. Mimi says:

    You crazy people ???

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