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27 April 2013 / By / 10 Comments

Remington's wishes for my barithday



I usually spend my Saturday mornings at home, organizing my stuff. This Saturday was all about the office room. Tons of post-it’s, notebooks, books, magazines, some more notebooks, lots of  TO DO lists and me, looking like a mushroom, in the middle of it all.

I have to make room for one of my new high tech friends that will join me from now on, as part of an exciting project I’m involved in. Anyways, organizing and reorganizing has it’s perks – I’ve found this card I got this year from Remington Romania for my birthday.

Funny coincidence since I’ve talked about them earlier this week. Reading it again made me smile, it’s one of the most beautiful appreciation cards I have ever received!

Thank you Remington Romania! You made my Saturday even more relaxing, sunny and positive.


mai buna



How about you guys? Are you still sending cards by traditional mail or you are only using emails nowadays? Don’t you think sending a card is a chic and elegant gesture? A gesture worth of a true lady.











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  1. Diana B. says:

    Cat de frumos:) Acum,marturisesc ca am urmarit cu interes blogul si facebookul pentru a afla cum s-a desfasurat selectia pentru viitoarea asistenta. Did i miss something? Iertata-mi fie curiozitatea, eram nerabdatoare, mai ales ca subsemnata ar fi dorit sa aplice, dar nu a gasit curajul necesar 😀

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Diana, selectia s-a facut la interviu si dupa etapa de proba, ofc 🙂
      Te imbratisez cu drag 🙂

  2. Natasha Gozun says:

    That is a very positive and warm card 🙂 that’s why I love reorganizing, I always find something nice to remember

  3. Diana Manea says:

    well, I think that what matters is the feeling you put into your words, but a written card
    def has more impact

  4. miruna says:

    I wish more people would use traditional mail, it’s so romantic…

  5. Narcisa Stan says:

    so cute <3 love the idea, and you got us curious with your office!

  6. Ophelia says:

    I agree with them 🙂 keep doing it cause we love you

  7. Nicholas Mathias says:

    Remington rules! In more than the professional way 🙂 they also have good manners

  8. xenia cutun says:

    i like both types of cards 🙂 it’s the thought that counts 🙂

  9. Andreea R says:

    I wish you the same, lovely card <3 hand written cards are so charming they make my knees soft! Ah!

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