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Cathias Edeline by Ana Morodan bag collection
Red is my new black

Ana and the perfect clutch

The Countess loves cathias Edeline bags

The Perfect Tote

The perfect bag and the perfect collaborationI am wearing a Parlor stupendous dress and a Simona Bejan  chic deux piece

Apollo made our day much more glam – you can find him and many other amazing dogs here

©  Serban Cristea at the deserted Ghica Family Manor





My darlings, behold, my newest adventure and dearest project – The Cathias Edeline by Ana Morodan bag capsule collection

I can never say enough about bags. I have learned to love and appreciate them more and more day by day, they are the final touch that makes the difference for every outfit and we can never leave the house without one don’t we?

Besides being very important accessories in our daily life, some of us carry big secrets in them. Like a chocolate bar for when you feel dizzy or a pair of lace undies, or a pack of cigarettes although you quit smoking, to be there, just in case. A bag is a girl’s best friend, always keeping your secrets, never betraying and never telling where you spent the night.

When I was asked to design my own capsule collection of bags  for Cathias Edeline I considered it a challenging and super exciting idea. I will finally have the chance to design the bags I always dreamed of.


Simple, functional, elegant and chic, each bag is fitted for a certain time of the day and a certain activity. Yes, I don’t believe in “all day bags”  and I’m sure you don’t either. A woman can never have too many bags



  • the Miss Activity purple tote  is the perfect choice for our daily activities, no?
  • the  Blue Dominatrix office bag  can make our formal outfits pop out
  • the Beige Parisian cross body  will be the chic accessory for our city breaks
  • the Red Alert clutch  will make you stylishly pop out at night
  • the Creamy Poison clutch  is fitted perfectly for all seasons and for all periods of the day, I want one for sure


For three months I worked together with Adeline, learning every detail, thinking about the functionality of each bag and imagining them all. We laughed a lot, made and remade some of the bags, then sketched another one until they turned out how we both imagined them.


Starting next week the Cathias Edeline by Ana Morodan collection will be available in Bucuresti, Cluj, Timisoara and Brasov. And yes, the prices are veryyy affordable.

This is a project I adored doing and I hope you guys are as happy and excited about it as I am! And I’ve prepared a surprise gift for you regarding this collection,  just in time for Easter. Stay tuned!





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  1. Zadin says:


  2. Cristina Soos says:

    <3<3<3 FELICITARIIII pentru proiect <3<3<3
    I must have one !!!!!! Am zis !!

  3. Emanuel I. says:

    Hey, imi plac mult!
    Cea albastra as purta-o si eu.

  4. Andreea R says:

    WOW! They look so chic! Where will we find them?

  5. Mihaela Costea says:

    Buna Ana! felicitari, imi place foarte mult cum au iesit! Mai ales Beige Parisian!

  6. Sonia Crancu says:

    Wonderul! Love them, love the purple one a lot! The Parlor dress is divine!

  7. Carmen Fota says:

    AMAZING dear, just amazing! Where do we buy them? Have my eyes on 2 of them :))))

  8. Ileana Marin says:

    adore your outfits + the bags are very chic! Cool :*

  9. codruta says:

    where do i start? I love your dress, your deux piece, love the beige bag, and the blue one,
    love the location, and you blog! 🙂

  10. luana stan says:

    you in a white outfit, with golden jewelry, with such perfect bags! lovely!

  11. madalina cornea says:

    loooooveeeeeeeee them ! want! where?

  12. marius toma says:

    Hello darling, i adore your blog!

  13. cristina stanciu says:

    RED for me pleaseeeeeeee!

  14. raluca mihnea says:

    there is not stop for you, ha? you are such an inspiration. love the bags, congrats!

  15. catalina toma says:

    very stylish and sexy 😉

  16. ruxandra anastasiu says:

    minunate sunt! si tu la fel! preferata mea e cea crem

  17. nichifor ion says:

    stylish from stylish 🙂 bags from ana morodan !

  18. catherine says:

    gorgeous 😉 can’t wait to get one or two for me 🙂

  19. ioana perlea says:

    precious and practical, i love them already!

  20. julieta says:

    chiar imi plac, felicitari! le meriti! si abia astept sa aflu ce ne mai pregatesti!

  21. Nicholas Mathias says:

    Gorgeous bags, from a gorgeous lady 😉

  22. smaranda cracean says:

    salutare 🙂 felicitari pentru ceea ce faci, este minunat!

  23. lili says:

    sooooo very nice and chic! love the blue one

  24. Dora says:

    Superbe gentile, Ana, felicitari!! Cea rosie, oh my, WANTED!!

  25. DaNa says:


  26. MissBodescu says:

    Ce mistooo! Sigur o sa imi iau una 🙂 banuiesc ca o sa mearga si pe comanda online, nu? Felicitari, felicitari 🙂
    Toate nu sunt frumoase, cel mai mult imi place cea albastra. ok, si aia rosie 🙂

  27. Alina N says:

    Felicitari, au iesit grozav! Preferatele mele sunt cea rosie si cea albastra. Pentru cele din Constanta ne spui de unde le putem cumpara? Multumesc, Alina.

  28. Anaivilo says:

    Where in Cluj will they be available?? 😀 Oh, that blue one is simply perfect for me!! O.O

    • Ale R. says:

      Din cate stiu, Cathias Edeline are show-room in Cluj. Nu mai tin minte daca pe Eroilor sau pe Memorandumului. Da un search pe google, trebuie sa apara 🙂

  29. Iuliana says:

    the beige one is my favourite!! but that dog! God! Ana that dog is bigger than you! fascinating and creepy at the same time.. weren`t you scared of him? I sure would have been. Congrats for this wonderful collaboration, you did splendid, I know you don`t like to consider yourself a designer, but you really are one!


  30. ale saioc says:

    Oficial esti muza mea!!! Ce genti frumoaseeeee!! Mie imi place cel mai mult cea de-a doua, alba. Felicitari si mult succes cu colectia, la cat mai multe! :*

  31. ale saioc says:

    PS: acum am vazut ca ai scris culorile pentru fiecare, dar eu o vad alba :))

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Te pup Ale si multumesc pentru cuvintele tale!

      Da, da, e crem 🙂

      Te imbratisez cu drag :*

  32. Cristina Soos says:

    Beige & Red <3 & Blue <3

  33. Еvelina says:

    the Red Alert, the Creamy Poison ,the Blue Dominatrix are my preffered! Like the concept of each bag, the fact they are thought to be beautiful, functional and satisfying women’s caprices

  34. Gee Gee says:

    I want the blue one, now!

  35. Claudia says:

    Unde le putem găsi in București?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Darling, le puteti gasi la showroom-ul Cathias Edeline si de saptamana viitoare la Galeria Designerilor Romania din magazinul Cocor, in Baneasa Shopping City la Quoi de Neuf si pe Molecule F 🙂

  36. Maria says:, Maria Bubu pe FB

  37. carmen says:

    in Timisoara unde le gasim? merci !:)

  38. Laura says:

    Unde putem gasi gentile in Brasov? Imi place tare Red Alert bag :). Mersi!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Buna Laura, o sa o intreb pe Adelina cum s enumeste magazinul din Brasov. Am uitat 🙂 Revin

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