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Ana and her tea set

Povestile domnisoarei Ana -  tea set

Close ups on Ana's Tea Set

Windy weather

The Countess Tea Set

Ana enjoying her tea

Povestile domnisoarei Ana

Photos by Serban Cristea at Residence Domenii Plaza



Dear people of the world, stop everything you are doing because I have to share something with you.

Drums in the background…


I’ve decided to make this Sunday not just another Sunday but The Sunday whenI show you my latest bravery  – The Tea Set I’ve imagined and signed for  Casa Wagner – Arte Frumoase si Povesti – Maison de la Porcelaine. I am sure you all know that Wagner House is the most prestigious and known porcelain house in Romania

I was psyched when Irina and Ana Wagner suggested this to me, almost a year ago – I would have to imagine a story that will be engraved on a tea set.  Hearing that amazed me on the spot! It was perfect! The project that would become so close to my heart that I would dream about it  for nights in a row – a tea set imagined by me!

I spent months thinking about the right story, the story that would be told on a tea set and gain its right to live forever. But which story deserves that?

“It has to be a good story, a wise one, a story that would make you cry with joy, that will make you wanna tell it to everybody and most of all, a story that can create a moment of happiness in the life of everyone who hears it” – these were my thoughts for more than 6 months.

Until one day, while waiting at a traffic light (the few strikes of intelligence I have happen mostly when I wait at the traffic lights – don’t have an explanation for it), I suddenly realized –  it has to be my story! Not because it’s more fascinating than any other life story but because  this way people will understand that the most important story is Their Story!

So I ran with my idea to the Wagner sisters and they loved it too. Now the only thing left to be done was telling that story on a tea cup…

After even more weeks of team work and adding Ana Wagner‘s creative talent, the 19th century lady who has her tea and tells her stories was finally getting a shape and form – that was the image I had seen in my dreams, all my life! I spent years thinking about that, the fact that she was me in another life (stop it, I have not gone crazy)


We called the tea set POVESTILE DOMNISOAREI ANA and it’s dedicated to all of you guys who believe in  your personal strength and in your own story!



You can buy the whole tea set or just a piece from it at Wagner – Maison de la Porcelaine showroom. .

This project is deeply close to my heart because hand painted tea sets are an important part of a new artisto lady like me and you so stay tuned for more surprises regarding it!


Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Domnisoara Ana


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  1. Luana says:

    Draga mea, sunt uimita, arata absolut frumos setul acesta, si il vad pe masa mea din living, oh, cum il vad! e superb

  2. Marina Preda says:

    e minunat, voi cumpara si eu unul, pentru ca arata perfect! si are o poveste in care cred cu adevarat <3 LOVE

  3. Fashion lovers says:

    amazingly beautiful!!!! i have to serve my tea in this, it just so chic!

  4. georgette lewis says:

    such a nice story 🙂 the universal truth of a modern lady painted on such a chic tea set…oh, sooooo niiiiceeee

  5. chic babes says:

    wow! ana it is worth the work and months of thinking! I adore it, it is magical and i love that you thought of us this time too #bigkiss

  6. crina says:

    e foarte frumos! o sa le spun mamei si matusei mele care au un ritual de baut ceai si dezbatut TOT ce se poate !

  7. michelle C.D. says:

    AAAAA!!!! I must have it! Believe me, i have been searhing for the perfet tea set for my new home for a while now, and this is it. The sory behind it and the combination of turqoise and gold won me over completely

  8. Alexa Tina says:

    pur si simplu nu imi vine sa cred ca se mai fac lucruri asa, avem nevoie de ele, fiinda sunt pline de suflet si ne fac viata mai frumoasa. BRAVO! ne place!

  9. andreea says:

    ce cool! intri direct in poveste cand te uiti la setul acesta!

  10. Be a true lady says:

    exquisite taste! LOVE IT

  11. Carmen MIRON says:

    draga Ana! iti multumesc, fiindca tocmai am desoperit cadoul perfect pentru sora mea, pe care nu am mai vazut-o de mult! and ajung in tara, e primul luru pe care il voi face <# #bisous

  12. Gabriela says:

    m-ai cucerit! iubesc ceaiul si tot ritualul pe care il implica

  13. dana says:

    Ce de povesteeeeee ^_^

  14. Draga Ana,

    Toate arata minunat si te felicit pentru felul unic si original in care expui un produs sau o idee. Pe langa calitatea si povestea din spatele pozelor, originalitatea ta este ceea ce ma face sa te citesc mereu. Felicitari si pentru premiile Digital Divas, le meriti pe deplin!

    Te pup,

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Iti multumesc frumos pentru cuvintele tale draga mea!

      Ma bucur ca vezi dincolo de “primul strat” 🙂

      Te imbratisez cu mult drag si ma bucur ca ma citesti <3,

      • Te imbratisez si eu 🙂 <3

        PS: Imi pare rau ca am apucat sa ajung la Digital Divas abia dupa pranz si nu ti-am auzit prezentarea, dar poate cu alta ocazie. Te pup!

  15. Setul este deosebit, iar proiectul in sine este o idee minunata si cred eu, extrem de potrivita tie!

  16. Emanuel I. says:

    Sunt superbe si par sa te reprezinte pe deplin.

    P.S: Pe cand o colectie de lenjerie asa… belle-epoque?

  17. Veronica says:

    Draga Ana,

    cred ca ideea ta este minunata, toti ne construim zi de zi povestea si unde o putem istorisi mai bine, decat la o cana de ceai. Desi te urmaresc incat de cand ai scris prima data, continui sa ma surprinzi cu ideile si originalitatea ta, si asa cum spunea si Simona mai sus, asta ma face sa te urmaresc in continuare.

    Te imbratisez cu drag,

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