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The perfect Morodan

Walking with the countess

Morodan and her new skirt

Close up on Ana's earrings

Close ups

Welcome to Cyprus with ParavionThis MORODAN Day on Molecule F, I am wearing an Andra Clitan skirt – see her whole collection here

 © Serban Cristea



Mes chers kittens, I am currently in Cyprus on a super fun city break with so relaxing is kinda the activity these days.

I arrived on Friday night and since then I’ve lived and got treated exactly how anybody else who books a vacation through gets treated. They told me at first that Cypriots people are very friendly and that their main goal is to make you feel comfortable in their resorts.

Well, there are and I am right in the middle of one. I love‘s Romanian team because they always smile at you, are gentle and listen carefully to your needs (I secretly think they learned that from the Cypriots) and most of all, I loved how the Cypriot team from developed an entire entertaining program for us. How we visited lots of interesting places – about which I will tell you in the next days – and how authentic their smiles were. I loved that!




5 MINUTE - Style Trick .

 .As being one of the basics we most own in our wardrobe – the glam skirt– came in handy for the first evening here.

We went for some cocktails by the sea at a really chic bar so this Andra Clitan skirt was my first go to choice.

Sure, I paired it with flats (white sneakers – my every summer choice – my mum used me to wear them since kinder garden) cause I was going at a terrace on the beach. Serban’s white shirt because I wanted something sober to mild the whole effect and super fun pineapple earrings from H&M





Stay tuned for more of my Cypriot adventures  with



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Ana banana

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  1. Camelly says:

    love your earrings

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Imi plac tenesi aia ai tai de mor !
    Ii iei cu orice asta imi place <3

  3. Amelie Jaw says:

    Hi Ana,first of all I recently discovered your blog, and it is addictive ! And second of all, i also has a lovely experience with, their services were impecable, it was the coolest trip ever

  4. Nicoleta Gina says:

    salutare, arati splendid, noua freza este absolut magnifica, iar fusta nu mai zic! very very very cool look #kiss

  5. Tudora says:

    Vai de mine ce coafura frumoasaaaaaa !!!! iti sta foarte bine! tx for the tip, o sa merg cu paravion si eu, cu prima ocazie. ca tot ma gandesc la vacanta zilele astea

  6. Smart Ribbons says:

    hello dear, love the skirt !

  7. Jana Marinescu says:

    Wow sunt uimita pur si simplu de imaginele pe care le vad, totul arata ca intr-un vis frumos, look-ul tau, fusta e divina, si abia astept sa merg si eu in vacanta cu paravion! iuuhuuuuu #hmmm #hmm scuza-ma, entuziasmul vacantei e de vina !

  8. Alina Turdean says:

    draga mea contesa moderna, m-a cucerit look-ul tau de azi, fusta este atat de frumoasa!

  9. Clementine says:

    i know what you mean, i travelled with paravion last time i was in romania, and would gladly do it anytime!

  10. Ana, am uitat sa va spun, v-am urmarit sedinta foto de la etaj 😀 (aici tocmai te cocotasei in pom pentru ultima fotografie 🙂 )

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