Our Morodan Shop Showroom in Casa si Gradina Magazine

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morodan shop showroom cover
9 January 2016 / By / 4 Comments



The latest issue of Casa si Gradina is out – do you remember my cover for them? – with a charming material about The Hadar Chalet on the cover. 



I was so proud when they told me they are going to write a 9 pages article about The Morodan Shop Showroom and Offices 

Thank you again Georgescu  for the awesome pictures and Alice Ignatiadis, Photoliu &  La Maison & Casara for your inspiration and beautiful decoration pieces. inima-albastru


Tadaaa, here are the layouts. For more pictures from our showroom click Here and stop by if you like for a tea and a scroll through our It clothing Items.  6b


morodan shop showroom


morodanshowroom 1


morodanshowroom 2



be-splendid-semnatura 1








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  1. delia says:

    absolut superb locul, felicitari

  2. Oana Ivan says:

    Daca toate magazinele ar arata ca al tau, m-as face cumparatoare cu norma intreaga :))) e de poveste locul, abia astept sa vin

  3. Diralitex says:

    Totul este de vis! Concluzia, cu ceva imaginatie poti sa ai o casa de vis, fara sa investesti niste sume care sa te ameteasca atunci cand le pronunti…

  4. Cristina S. says:

    sper sa ajung anul acesta la o cafea <3

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