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iulie 2014



Oh well, did I mention it to you? `No big deal`, I am just ON THE COVER of Casa si Gradina Magazine.#psyched #grateful

I loved meeting their team and I want to thank them for having the patience of joggling with my hectic schedule to find a perfect day to picture our temporary home. Serban and I moved together briefly after we`ve met and this home was a test of our relationship.

If you like, buy the magazine to see the rest of how our home looked like and read about all the deco details. I say `looked` because soon it will be time for another  episode of A Home Couture Affair with Photoliu and we`re heading for step two of our redecoration. #cantwaittttt









I wore a Clara Rotescu dress and the deco pictures were made by the talented and awesome Catalin Georgescu


Thank you Casa si Gradina for such a wonderful article and for the honor of choosing me as your cover! #muchlovetoyou




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


 .Anetta Cover Girletta

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  1. Why Noy says:

    you dress is like wow wow woooooooow!!!

  2. Chic&Chic says:

    nice 🙂 looks cozy and chic all the way!

  3. tatiana miron says:

    felicitari ANA! e super frumos la voi acasa, abia astept noul episod de deco cu photoliu, suna frumos 🙂

  4. Fete Fine says:

    esti frumoasa foc si-i superba culoarea rochiei,
    sandalele de unde sunt? pup!

  5. Vanessa Youngdaughter says:

    congratulations looks great dear!

  6. anamaria iovan says:

    scumpa mea imi doresc dintotdeauna sa am un manechin in casa pe care sa-l imbrac, iar tu chiar ai unul! mereu te-am admirat!

  7. vera says:

    am si luat revista ^_^

  8. L. Edita says:

    multiple felicitari! super tare!

  9. Crina Stoicescu says:

    bravo Ana! esti minunata! mereu plina de surprize frumoase si atat de versatila 🙂

  10. victoria nelson says:

    yet another cover with my favourite online diva :)))

  11. Dianaaa says:

    arata senzational coperta imi place mult patela de culori
    te felicit calduros pentru casuta e minunata 🙂

  12. Komodoro says:

    iuuuhuuuuuu ce bine arata totul <3

  13. hermina toma says:

    ne place mult!

  14. popescu A. says:

    ma fascineaza universul tau …. ai un bun gust desavarsit totul e plin de frumos si de feminitate!

  15. cornelia miclea says:


  16. rachel says:

    you are such an inspiration to me and my friends, all the best Ana! keep going!

  17. X RUX says:

    asa casa as vrea si eu, imi place ca ai peretii plini de tablouri si lucruri interesante, papusile sunt bestiale 🙂
    si florile care sunt mereu prezente cred ca conteaza enorm in toata atmosfera, gata o sa am si eu flori mereu de acum!

  18. queen says:

    so inspiring! congratulations darling countess!

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