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16 February 2017 / By / 16 Comments

Here’s the deal. Now I’m 59 kg. That’s the heaviest weight I have ever been in my life. I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel guilty, I didn’t eat because of some emotional shock (well, maybe except when, as a Millennial, I came to realize how the political class around here is making a fool of us all), I didn’t break my self-confidence, I’m not sick. I JUST LOVE FOOD JUNK FOOD. 

No, I don’t think I will remain this way. I just want to get back to my usual weight, because that’s when I felt the lightest I ever was, I didn’t get tired that often, I could fit in all of my sequin dresses and when I had sex, my belly would not keep falling on one side. I am not saying that being chubby or fat or whatever you look like is bad. Relax you internet nazis. I’m just saying that I want to go back to my weight. 




But until then – I’ve been planning to lose weight since I reached 54, four years ago – let me shortly point out one feminine detail I’ve been using since forever, but during this time, it has an important role in making me feel sensual – A Real self-confidence booster – THE Nylons aka Hosieryin all shapes and forms. My personal favorites are the stay-ups. 


These magnificent feminine details proved to be awesome allies to me because:
• the fascinator ones #myfav (adorned with stones, glitter, patterns) make you look at them first and not the absolute lack of a curved waist 


•the stay-ups make me feel sensual with or without clothes on


•they give that perfect dose of sass to an outfit – and make you look a little bit like a dominatrix  


•many of them are also shape modelling so I can at least give a hint that I’m just a little bit chubby, not pregnant 


•I can use them to choke people I can’t stand 






FALKE stay-ups, fishnets & tights 

Photos by Costrut at The Ignatiadis Mansion  


And the fishnet trend is one of my favorites trends right now. I like it the better than the choker era. Ever since a few months ago, when FALKE came to Romania (Falke delivers the highest quality of hosiery and socks in the world), I’ve been a frequent consumer. No, I’m not saying that only Falke tights are worth wearing. Sure you can find your nylons wherever you like. I just love the idea of my nylons being super premium. Gives them ultra power to boost my confidence, it’s like rolling in a Rolls-Royce.


 Attention: If you decide to become a consumer, please note that not even Falke quality can protect you me from cat Fitz’s claws, sharp corners & nails.  4b


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  1. dina says:

    Si mie imi place trendul cu plasa mai mult decat cel din vara cu – the chockers –

  2. amyna says:

    Wow, a doua poza e ?

  3. Angelica says:

    Personal mi se pare ca arati super bine, iar pe langa asta iti invidiez increderea in tine si curajul oricum. Eu la 49 de kg n-as avea curajul sa postez o poza ca cea din fata bibliotecii!

  4. Evelina M. says:

    Pozele astea sunt bomba ?

  5. Lia says:

    Eu am doua pisici, deci nu-mi prea permit luxul ciorapilor fancy :)) In cateva secunde de obicei ii rezolva.

  6. Morofan says:

    Girl, you’ve got guts. Love this post and I’m sure you’re going to succeed in anything you truly want to, because you always do!

  7. deedee l. says:

    Fishnets forever! They’re the coolest trend, I agree. also, love how you “accessorized” in the second photo

  8. Sonia Pop says:

    Imi plac ciorapii plasa, dar nu am avut vreodata o pereche care sa nu mi se rupa sau cel putin agate la prima purtare…

  9. Irena says:

    De unde sunt pantofii din a patra poza?

  10. Gratiela Diana says:

    Mi-am luat luna trecuta o pereche de ciorapi de la Falke si sunt intr-adevar mult mai buni decat orice am avut pana acum 😀

  11. Pinkie_Mandy says:

    You’re incredibly sexy in these photos :O

  12. Anutza says:

    Super postarea, ca de obicei!!!!

  13. Carmensita says:

    Eu n-am pisica, dar am catel, iar cand vine vorba de dresuri elegante & finute, e cam acelasi rezultat 🙁

  14. Gabriela says:

    Super poze Ana! Te urmaresc cu drag. Ma tot uit la pantofii din prima ta poza. Poti da detalii despre ei? De unde sunt si unde i-as putea gasi? Multumesc si succes in tot ce faci

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