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13 February 2017 / By / 7 Comments

I bet we all remember those 90’s commercials with the supermodels? The sass, the sex-appeal, the vibe, the freedom, the ultimate coolness. The unbeatable fascination.


 Well, they all had a thing in common. One detail which is coming back to life almost aggressively nowadays. Pinterest is full of it, Instagram is beaming with outfit posts, style sites report it’s one of the massive trends of 2017. And it’s within our reach. Everyone can afford it. IT’S THE JEANS! But not any kind of jeans, to be precise. It’s the -ever –praised – through – history–pair-of-jeans: The enduring Levi’s 501 adored by Brigitte, Marlon, Marilyn and other iconic stars. With a modern upgrade, I would say – meet Levi’s 501 Skinny.




Designed to fit every silhouette, the new Levi’s 501 are rapidly conquering my style universe.

? You might ask, while raising an eyebrow, why should I buy this pair and not any other pair of skinny jeans I find?
 Because of the vibe which comes with a pair of Levi’s jeans. Let me put it this way, last year I decided to declutter my life and obviously my wardrobe, so from 9 pairs of jeans I kept only 3. A relaxed-cut pair, high-waisted jeans and a skinny pair. Two of them were Levi’s. I didn’t keep them necessarily because I wanted to wear them on a daily basis from that moment on, I kept them because they were Levi’s and that meant something to me. It was the validation of a lifestyle. It was that unbeatable fascination.






I always thought that jeans stand for much more than fashion. Jeans stand for freedom, for, as I said, living coolly and for not paying too much attention to what society tells you.
And here’s what I also think, jeans stand for glamour too! Because a pair of jeans, a white, masculine shirt & an art deco statement bracelet was the outfit I wore on that late Autumn afternoon when I decided to launch And I must tell you, in that outfit and in that moment, I felt the most glamorous I ever did in my life!


So, because 2017 will be a year during which my ‘countess’ style will get an upgrade, it is only natural that this new Levi’s 501 skinny trend to be on top of my list! I even have a few outfits in mind! And a few gins & hits to celebrate the revival of  The Only Pair of Jeans that Matters!





Since I know you’ll ask, here it is, the complete list of the Levi’s stores in Romania (thank you Claude for the attentive documentation):

Bucuresti: Baneasa Mall

Bucuresti: Mega Mall

Bucuresti: Afi Cotroceni Mall

Bucuresti: Parklake Shopping Center

Cluj: Vivo!

Timisoara: Shopping City Mall

Constanta: City Park Mall

Iasi: Palas




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  1. Dina says:

    In sfarsit un trend care imi place si mie!

  2. Ramona Ilaria says:

    Nici nu stiam ca exista Levi’s in Iasi. Time for shopping 🙂

  3. Petra says:

    Vaai, eu inca am prima mea pereche de Levi’s, au deja vreo 16 ani 😀 Daca m-ar mai si incapea…

  4. purpleiris says:

    imi place si varianta skinny, dar tot mai mult imi plac originalii

  5. LinguAna says:

    Levi’s+Converse a fost combinatia imbatabila a adolescentei mele.

  6. Damia says:

    Nimic nu se compara cu blugii Levi’s. Cei care se comercializeaza prin restul magazinelor se rup/decoloreaza/deterioreaza dupa cateva purtari.

  7. manny says:

    I’ve always loves this jean style, it truly looks good on every body shape

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