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18 September 2013 / By / 7 Comments

She s explaining something I wonder what

Morodan s face before 5 MINUTE STYLE CLASSESI am wearing my basic blue dress by Andra Andreescu

Photos by furnica Pop



Me, discussing with Lili and Ovidiu before the 5 MINUTE Style Classes. Goooddd, I am surely a little cartooned mouse .  Nevertheless, we are back from a two month vacation and we are doing the final touches for our next 5 MINUTE Style Classes that w ill take place this Saturday, on 21 September at Monroe.

We’ll speak about the seasonal trends and which of them fits each body shape. We’ll speak about what’s hot and not right now, about lady like perspectives on life and how to build our confidence.


  • which trends you should adopt this season
  • what items are worth buying
  • how you should reorganize your wardrobe
  • how to build your fashion character this season
  • how to be mesmerizing on a budget


And many other super useful fashion tips&tricks, Ovidiu Buta and I prepared for you!

Come this Saturday and you’ll be in for a super fashionistic and empowering experience.

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Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Morodan, 5 MINUTE Style Speaker

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  1. lina says:

    this color is looking too good to be true on you, iuuuhhuuuu 🙂

  2. Style Do says:

    gorgeous woman and gorgeous brains!

  3. Ralu Borcea Ionescu says:

    i have to admit I have always had questions about what to do with the huge amount of trends changing each season, and of course, I tried to choos what I thought was best for me, but I can hardly wait to talk with you and Ovidiu, my no 1 eperts, and to get some epert advice. so see you there!

  4. Julian Dana says:

    love the faces and the list to be discussed, will see us there. the place looks fantastico!

  5. Soos Cristina says:

    Anaaaaaaa Annnaaaa Annnaaaa ….
    Mai pot sa ma inscriu pt 21 , am incercat aseara dar nu am primit mail
    :((( am scris mesaj la 5min dar ink nimik …
    pls tell me Yes k de nu plang in fata la Monroe de la, dar macar vin si te vad <3
    deci sunt in extaz !

  6. Soos Cristina says:

    Da NE VEDEM sambata <3

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