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Morodan cooking dinner



Here’s a glimpse from a rare situation people see me in. Who would have thought? Catching me in the kitchen was like catching a butterfly on a summer morning – extremely rare!

But you grow-up, fall in love, start reading the food columns in the fashion magazines and before you know it you are running wild through grocery stores buying stuff for the new dinner you are organizing.

“La piu bella notte de la mia vita” – I always have this line in mind when I start thinking about my dinner parties. Everyone must feel like that is the best night of their lives and when it comes to dinners and having fun like this, Italians do it better than anyone. Starting with the beautiful table settings and ending with their women, everything looks at its best.

I still remember the summer I spent in Italy a few years ago. Twice a week someone would throw a dinner party on some vineyard that would take your breath away. Those moments were indeed some of the best nights of our lives. These kind of moments I’m trying to recreate through my dinner parties also.

Sometimes, I draw inspiration from a site that I access pretty often lately – Peroni Diario – it kinda keeps me updated on all dolce vita things the Italians love so much and we, the rest of the world, crave so much for.



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Morodan, the Italian dinner parties lover

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  1. ILEANA says:

    geniala poza!

  2. Mary Joe says:

    you are incredible!!!! you actually went dressed like that to the supermarket!!!! love your courage and what this picture inspires!

  3. alina enescu crin says:

    nice inspiration on the Peroni Diario <3 you actually went shopping for food in that dress :)))) gorgeous!

  4. Georgy says:

    cool coooooooool de tot Ana!

  5. Style Bomb says:

    must go to supermatket in a dress like this! this is crazy, but i imagine it can be a lot of fun if you just don’t care and want to live your life, right? this picture just made my day Ana!

  6. ViVi Dress Me Up says:

    well, i know what you mea, a few years ago i would only accidentally go in the kitchen, now i love hosting parties and serving dinners with friends, it can be an art to be a perfect host, no? kiss kiss

  7. Ioana says:

    Reactia celorlalti cumparatori trebuie sa fi fost de poveste :))

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