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It struck me today – I’m keeping this online lifestyle journal for 3 years now. I’ve lived so many amazing experiences throughout it and because of it!

.It became the place were we all love to hang out. A place we click on daily (me from an end and you from the other), a place where we laugh, feel empowering, scream, shout, have fun, experiment with style, feel like countesses or whatever the heck we want to be or feel and have an 100% feminine experience.

Speaking about experimenting with style, I remember when I was only a few years old how I started thinking about clothes. My mum and grandmother  dressed me up pretty and princess like – I saw pictures, you turned me into this fashion maniac, mother! – and I was extatic about my dresses.

Time passed and I still love wearing dresses more than wearing any other garment.

This nostalgy made me think about the blog and the years that have passed and how my style evolved till now. So let’s take a look, shall we?





2010 – colors, prints, girlish, pisica Me


Flirty 2011


2011 – tights, some pencil skirts, stripes and a touch of pin-up – keeping the feminine vibe


Feminine 2012


2012 – A year in which I focused on maximum lady like outfits


aristo-2013-1aristo-2013-2Aristo 2013 - 2


2013 – I adore long dresses. I am also obsessed with aristocracy, castles, 19 th century and decadent living. That kinda comes out through my personal style now


Three years of style adventures. I loved remembering some of my outfits. What do you think about them?


There is also another anniversary I want to tell you about. On the 20 of September, as in tomorrow, , at 17.00 pm,  in their shop from Baneasa Shopping City, Motivi  is celebrating 20 years of fashion. You are all invited so stop by. Let’s have a drink of sparkling wine together.


Happy birthday Motivi




Invitatie Motivi, Baneasa Shopping City, 20 sept, 5pm





Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. Emanuel I. says:

    Draga mea, super-mega-felicitari!
    Ma bucur ca te-am intalnit datorita acestui blog si ma simt flatat ca te-am intalnit si “live”.
    La cat mai multi ani inpirati, cu stil si aristo!
    :* B| (y)

  2. Crina Stoicescu says:

    I must admit I am mad about your 2013, you are radiant!

  3. Ulma Smith Lawrence says:

    mmmm I also love 2013, but 2012 is more my kind of style, you are lovely in all of them anyways. Oh! Hope I can make it tomorrow <3 LOVE

  4. Style Bubble says:

    holy mother it has been three years! i love to go through pictures now and then, it really makes me realise how many things happen and most of all that everything than happens is important 🙂 lovely evolution dear, thank you for sharing it with us!!

  5. laura g says:

    fashion needs to be celebrated!

  6. Jane Jane says:

    you are so beautiful and glowing Ana! love you blog a lot!

  7. diana says:

    perfect every time

  8. Soos Cristina says:

    Felicitari si La Multi Ani draga mea !!!
    ma bucur ca am avut ocazia sa savurez din toate etapele prin care ai trecut si prin care vei trece <3
    Toate etapele sunt frumoase, au cva anume …si o evolutie nemaipomenita <3
    Te pup si te imbratisez 🙂
    Maine !

  9. sasha says:

    La multi ani frumosi de online 🙂 !

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