Molecule F – Their 5 years Celebration and My Golden Dress

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20 June 2015 / By / 9 Comments

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This year`s Molecule F celebration party hit it goooood. I can say they set a hard to top standard when it comes to fashionable events. It was their biggest and WOW-est event so far.  And I can say it was my most visible event too. You know, with a dress like this I bet they could see me from the International Space Station. Without gps or a telescope.


I may have told you this before but the Molecule F party was the first event I attended when I moved to Bucharest. I was shy and scared. There were tons of people looking at me. It was so extremely overwhelming.


Each year and with each party, Molecule F grew bigger and stronger. And so did I. That`s why, this year, after 5 years of constant growth and evolution, Molecule F rocked the event party scene like nobody. And that`s why, after 5 years, when the time came to attend my friend`s 5 year celebration, I picked an outstanding dress. It was like the first time, all eyes were pointed on my actions. But this time it was not overwhelming, this time it was empowering. Because this is what you gain by working hard and focusing on your goals. You gain POWER.



This is what Molecule F taught me.



Ana Morodan and Stephan PelgerMy dress was designed by my friend and one of the Greatest designers around here, Stephan Pelger



Thank you Stephan for creating a show stopping dress with an impeccable execution in just 5 hours. You are a HERO.


Congratulations Molecules. If I had to chose another event to feel so bonded with I`d chose you in any kind of parallel universe.









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  1. IceQueen says:

    you rocked, Golden Girl!

  2. Maria D. says:

    am vazut niste tinute superbe la aceasta petrecere si Molecule-F este un exemplu de urmat despre ce inseamna business 100% romanesc, bravo

  3. Ivona says:

    Ai fost superba si sunt sigura ca ai fost printre cele mai “vizibile”invitate :))

  4. Sara says:

    OMG this dress is amazing, but the cape is the wow factor 😉

  5. Larisa S says:

    Intr-adevar un eveniment spectaculos

  6. Cristina says:

    Superba 🙂

  7. ella_mouse says:

    stunning appearance, gold is your color

  8. Edna says:

    The party was amazing, happy bday Molecules ❤️

  9. Superba rochia!

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