Countless Ways of Working

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22 June 2015 / By / 8 Comments

Ana Morodan

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Ana MorodanChloe bag, Italian brooches, H&M pants, Morodan Shop blouse, PNK Casual  blazer, Prada sunglasses, Cartier bracelet




Greetings from in between meetings, showroom redecoration, furniture shopping, Morodan Shop item delivery and, and, and. It`s  fun, I like building my business. And I like working efficiently. This being the greatest trick. And the biggest challenge. How to work efficiently.

I for one, I`m planning to quit my 3 agendas and keep notes on my laptop. It`s nature friendly and I have all my stuff in one place. And it`ll be less hectic. But we`ll talk on the matter pretttyyyyy sooonnn.



Because I`m in Intel`s latest campaign – Countless Ways of Working as their Tech Countess ana-9



Countless Ways of Working



See you soon with some awesome info about how can we optimize our businesses better. wink








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Ana Morodan
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  1. Edna says:

    Tech Countess sounds uber cool 🙂

  2. Marina D. says:

    Doamne, si eu am nevoie de asa o super organizare!

  3. Lady Di says:

    i looove your in between meetings outfit 😉

  4. Cami says:

    Can’t wait to see, I love all Intel projesct 😉

  5. irina says:

    #ceimaicoolpantaloni ever ❤️

  6. natalia_star says:

    organising, my biggest flaw 🙂

  7. adelina i. says:

    Ador tinutele office with a twist, se potrivesc de minune adidasii

  8. IceQueen says:

    another cool project,can’t wait

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