A Petite Fascinable Woman called Chanel

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Ohh well, it`s Friday morning. Any kind of help is needed and appreciated. Doing my own beauty routine might prove quite challenging from time to time. It`s always best to have a friend who takes care of everything.


Ana Morodan



Funny how decades later she still fascinates us. And she was not focused on being fashionable, she was not focused on being  mainstream, she was not focused on `what`s trendy and In now – she was always focused on succeeding and most of all, she focused on being Memorable.

She was not beautiful, she was not connected, she was not rich, she was not noticeable but she transformed her into all these things. I`m talking about HER of course. I`m talking about Chanel.


And after she succeeded she started sharing some of her witty advices with us.

Remember  A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future – Coco Chanel


Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana MorodanMorodan Shop dress – Smiling Shoes heels

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at Fratellini Bistro



Eau VIVE is the latest Chanel Chance serendipity vibed scent.

 A creation that gives momentum, like the intense energy that drives those born under a lucky star. A vitality that is not fleeting, but rather a source of boundless dynamism.

The greatest beauty of life is finding that little impulse we need to get up, get dressed, go out into the world and conquer it.  – this was not said by Gabrielle, this was said by Me.


Because the greatest gift Gabrielle Chanel gave us is the certitude that success lies in self confidence. And little feminine details.



Chance doesn`t just happen. You make it happen.




CHANCE EAU VIVE is a concentration of energy that overflows from the very first second. Grapefruit, already found in the first CHANCE fragrance, brings a surprising touch of biterness. Habitually short-lived, here it settles on the skin and seems to pulse with a grapefruit-blood orange accord. Citrus fruits immediatly set the fragrance’s fresh and energetic tone. Gradually, one discovers jasmine and white musks, which play a key role in the CHANCE family, before the scent of fresh vetiver takes hold of a cedar-iris  accord, like a distant echo of the grapefruit. CHANCE EAU VIVE sweeps you up in a burst, revitalizes and sparks desire. For if chance won’t come to you, then you must simply go find your chance…












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  1. Doamne, fan-tas-ti-ca este rochia ta, superba! <3

  2. High Heels says:

    I honestly believe, dear Countess, that this is the most sexy dress I’ve seen you wearing

  3. Maria D. says:

    Toate suntem si vom fi vesnic fascinate de Coco Chanel. Si cel mai important e sa invatam cum de o lume intreaga este inca fascinata de o femeie care n-a fost deloc frumoasa, si nici n-a fost 90/60/90

  4. Amelia says:

    I simply adore Chanel Chance 🙂

  5. carmen popa says:

    superba in acest look, albul si te potriveste de minune 🙂

  6. Ivette says:

    The little feminine details and self confidence are the most important assets a woman can have.

  7. ionela dragan says:

    superbi cerceii <3 <3 <3

  8. Ella says:

    wow, reclama e superba!

  9. IceQueen says:

    a new Chanel fragrance, yum! 😉

  10. IceQueen says:

    If only we will never forget what mademoiselle Coco tought us…

  11. felicia says:

    Chanel Chance e unul dintre parfumurile mele preferate, abia astept sa incerc noul Eau Vive 🙂

  12. Adele says:

    Great commercial

  13. Mimi says:

    I think I will about this dress until it will be mineeeeee :)))) ❤️

  14. Diane says:

    The perfect nails, the perfect dress, the perfect fragrance

  15. Paula Nedelcu says:

    Chanel este femeia pe care am admirat-o intotdeauna si cand port Chanel Chance imi place sa cred ca o particica din ea este cu mine 🙂

  16. Gabi says:

    Eau Vive e divin❤️❤️

  17. DariaLove says:

    This is the perfect dress for a hot saturday afternoon 😉

  18. natalia says:

    Coco Chanel va fi intotdeauna o femeie admirata si invidiata

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