Confession Nr. 1

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27 April 2017 / By / 6 Comments

Liu Jo outfit from Unic Brands 

Photo by Costrut 


 I’ve always wanted to be a superintendent. A dominatrix superintendent to be more specific. I would be the headmistress of a boarding school for boys and I’d have this list of boys whom I’d love to terrorize. But I can’t share that with you, we’re not that intimate. Sort of like Matilda’s teacher but skinnier and sexier.

I would play the violin in my free time and drink gin with a sip of rose liquor. I would dress only from …and look devilish. The students would call me Cruella and I’d have a very friendly cat. Oh wait, the cat I already have!


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  1. dali na says:

    Ce outfit fumos ❤️

  2. Minna Dinna says:

    With this outfit, you fit that fantasy perfectly!

  3. Adnana says:

    Te si vad, cu o pereche mare de ochelari si un bici! Vai de elevi :))

  4. mara cristina says:

    Ti s-ar potrivi rolul de superintendenta, asa in mod sigur 😀 Imi place mult si tinuta ta, mai ales botinele.

  5. fanni delia says:

    in love with those boots!

  6. alex says:

    a perfect mistress

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