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2 February 2012 / By / 11 Comments
I don’t know exactly if I love or hate addictions but I can be sure that it’s a fact that I have many. Some of them are highly important ones and some of them are just seasonal.

I would have nonsensed  more on the subject but I have to run like hell at the atelier. I woke up late again, this being another addiction of mine.


So, let’s see my daily things I cannot live without”


1. Stella McCartney sunglasses – I can’t step outside without sunglasses, I stupidly imagine myself in True Blood

2. Love by Kilian perfume – no words, ok, a word, there’s no guy in this world whom I liked and not loved this perfume!

3. I have a thing with candles, Delia made me an addict.

4. I bought those earrings last month and I haven’t taken them off since then.

5. H&M’s take on the Repossi ring –

6. I can’t , literally I can’t stay three hours without using hand cream.

7. Lip Balms –  I was really addicted a few years ago, now, I’m sort of healed but I still have around twenty in the house

8. Phone – Me.

9. Cigarettes – I’m so gonna be strong and quit, sometime in this life.

10. You know there are some girls that know how to cook? Well, I hate them! I kid, I envy them cause I’m a complete fuck up left handed in the kitchen, that’s why I balance that with lots of dedication in my home decoration activities. This scent flavors the place.


Catalin, I’m at the traffic light! I wrote this from the phone, I swear!

Last chance for the Moja,ro dress! Good luck kittens!


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  1. coco says:

    gorgeous glasses !

  2. I also have an addiction for hand cream and lip balm. I can`t sleep if I don`t have it on my lips. My bf tried to hide it from me but I started yelling at him and he gave up 🙂

  3. Cristina says:

    you’re adorable! i know it’s weird to say this, from girl to girl, but as i read you’re article, my shitty day just turned out a little better…it’s just how these little unimportant things in our life make us feel better, although we don’t really actually need them.

  4. Martin says:

    All what little things what we love are important & necessary in our every day life – they make it more bright.)))))
    I may boast of quiting smoking!!! – feel & look much better))))

  5. vini says:

    Love your posts so muchhh!

  6. vini says:

    Love your posts so muchhh!

  7. Well at least most of these are good addiction, except cigarettes, haha 🙂
    I’m addicted to sunglasses and chapstick too…and lotion XD

  8. i love that picture! it’s so chic!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ana, wonderful article, a girl always needs her supply of beauty products or Iphone :). Just one thing, I’ve Googled the perfume you mention and it is hard to shop. Where do you get yours from?

  10. a dreamer. says:

    oh, the love!

  11. kittenhood says:

    we all have to have our guilty little pleasures, otherwise we wouldn’t be women 🙂

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