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3 February 2012 / By / 16 Comments

Still loving bottles!

Asos boots, Stylestalker skirt, YSL vintage bracelet, H&M bracelet

In 2001 when the guys from Experimental Jetset created the archetypal band shirt, with the first names of the members from The Ramones, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, they didn’t think that their Helvetica print will become so hipsterish.

Since then, lots of variations of this print appeared on the web. From “mom& dad& granny &kid” to names of posh or underground clubs as in Laura’s take.

Here’s how I ended up doing mine:

If you are a little bit astute and you take a slight look through this pointless blog you can easily conclude that I wasn’t a big fan of printed t-shirts. Further more, if I may speak honestly, I was a passionate hater.

Well, it’s called Karma and I’ve heard it’s a b**ch (I’m still asking myself if I’m allowed to use dirty words here. I imagine that if I write some dirty words my laptop will answer me like SiriNo need for profanity Ana!”). 

I always thought that I will die in a pleated skirt with a silk blouse on top, spiced with some flowery jewels. Well, like most of the times, I was wrong. Although I will never give up feminine clothes, now, I see myself updating that characteristic with all sorts of pants (bleah, I haven’t worn pants since high school), all kinds of minimalist accents and more laid back clothes, t-shirts included.

So I said to myself  “If you have to have a printed t-shirt, at least have one that actually says something  and has a special meaning for you” (that’s what I also said almost a decade ago when I decided to tattoo my boyfriend’s initial on my thigh! the road trips to the laser clinic a year later were a “blast”)


Ahhh, wait.

Why I’ve chosen them?

Their sites and brands raised my interest from the beginning. Their owners inspire me. Their dedication, perseverance and ethics are attributes that I admire immensely (and I don’t posses, obviously). 

So that’s it! I’ve made me a t-shirt and I’m gonna wear it! Be thankful that I didn’t make one sayin’ “I love ME” written in glittery letters.


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  1. nookie says:

    that skirt<3<3<3

  2. Miss Z says:

    omg, omg,omg…i love your skirt !:D

  3. Emanuel I. says:

    Ce tare e tricoul!

    P.S: “Nu-mi place ca bei cola!”

  4. coco says:

    ce-mi placeeeee !!!!!

  5. Adelina says:

    cool! inclusiv locatia…that being?

  6. Ana says:

    Esti superba! Imi place imi plac postarile tale!! kisses

  7. Seriously, how do you make a simple t-shirt and black skirt look so glamorous!? It’s ridiculous! You look awesome!


  8. Bucharest City Girl says:

    Finally, someone decided to step outside the crowd of boring Bucharest personal style fashionistas.

    LOFT, an inspired choice. You get to listen to Schubert while at the little girls’ room. That, plus your mix of vintage YSL and minimal H&M, is what I call luxury.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ce tare e tricoul !!! De fapt toate tinutele sunt dementiale !!!

  10. Anna says:

    how cool are you?!! love it! mai ales fusta <3

  11. colorsdiary says:

    so cool, so uuuu 🙂

  12. Alexandra says:

    Awesome t-shirt, Ana, and even the glittery one would have looked hot on you, seriously!

    And don’t mind Siri. He’s just jealous you can style profanity :-j


  13. Tamara says:

    Great pics!!!!


  14. Irina says:

    Nu cred ca este vreun obiect vestimentar din garderoba ta, pe care sa nu il ador :))) <3

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