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Don’t put your shoes on and prepare to dance on my grave people, I’m not suicidal, yet.

I know that you are wondering what’s with the bandage on my wrist, don’t you?
Ha! See? I told you I’m smart!  Ok, maybe not that smart, only a good jobber.

Although it may appear this way, the answer is no, I did not fell on ice The event  happened at home, while I was getting down from my bed, in a certain indecent situation, while I…okkkkkk, my  ten years old nephew is reading this blog, let’s stop with the details!

And now, for the decadent and not so serious part of the play, me as a neurotic and despotic character.


Snobbish Breakfast dress, Nissa necklace
Photos by Claudiu Enescu

By the way, if you look beside me you can see my latest home decoration acquisition  –  Valeria Moldovan for 109 pillows.

You know that I don’t post pictures with the clothes I buy because I consider posts like “New In” or “I bought this or that”  bragging  but now we’re talking about  home deco objects and Valeria  is a chic and creative character whom I admire immensely.

For those of you who haven’t heard of her, Valeria Moldovan is a famous Romanian illustrator. Since I was a kid I was mesmerized by her sketches, so now, when I lay beside these pillows, I feel like I’m a character in one of her wise portrayed stories.

Ioana, please receive my infinite gratitude for gifting me that necklace. It’s my absolute and instant love and I will treasure it till the end of days. For this, I will also be your personal maid, till the end of days.

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Make a wish so that you can win this Moja.ro dress.


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  1. Iulia Romana says:

    Cat de tare & amuzanta e postarea asta !! Totally you :))

    PS: Don’t forget to enter my Vedette Shapewear giveaway HERE!

  2. I am in love with your outfit!The necklace is wonderful!


  3. colorsdiary says:

    hei gorgeous, i love everything in this post, thanks for showing us Valeria!

  4. Andrea says:

    Oh, I love the dress and the necklace!

  5. Sheree says:

    that dress..gorg, and the color..gorg!

  6. That dress is absolutely beautiful and luxurious and that necklace is absolutely beautiful!


  7. Jen S. says:

    What great pictures! I love your green dress.


  8. skeptik says:

    memememmem pick me. i crave the green dress. it’s so ” not the usual me” but i’d totally give it a try {wear}. and my friend also loves it. if i win it, i may let her borrow it:D although that’s not for sure

  9. Laura says:

    Rochia ta este absolut superba,dar nu reusesc sa o gasesc printre cele de pe site.Putin ajutor?

  10. Ana says:

    haha place mult aceasta postare!! Ador sarcasmul tau 🙂 si rochia tot:)


  11. Britta says:

    I love all your Snobbish Breakfast dresses…but the colour of this one is just so fantastic and luxurious, I think it may be my new favourite!


  12. stilistele says:

    I love your funny stories.your pillows too 😉

  13. Emanuel I. says:

    You are FASHION outside and inside home…
    Simply gorgeous!

  14. coco says:

    minunata rochia verde !

  15. just claudia says:

    Pentru un moment am crezut ca esi o sinucigasa ! 😀 :)) bine ca m-am convins ca nu e asa . Superba rochia, iti sta foarte bine in verde. :*

  16. hahahah – you always make me laugh! i love that dress on you and want a snobbish breakfast dress SO bad!!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  17. This reminds me on SJP in her green robe in Sex and the City 2. Why not dressing up at home? I like the pics very much.


  18. Michelle Lee says:

    Love your dress!

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