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26 January 2014 / By / 12 Comments

Starring Andra Andreescu, Diana Ticiu, Elena Bagescu and the awesome Beatrice Andreescu



I hope you laughed and yes, I am that drama idiot. They say I’m funny and I play along. Sometime last week was my birthday – here’s me on the verge of celebrating it – cynically speaking, beats me why we celebrate when we get a year older, but every once in a while, one realizes that there are certain people around them which can make them feel like in a fairytale or can create a memories that will last forever.

No, this post is not about Serban and about the amazing habit he developed since we are together – to celebrate my birthday in  a different castle each year – nope, this post is about something else. This post is about special people!

You may have noticed that  I’m not praising friendship in every post, around here. I consider it to be childish, cliche and overrated. Besides, when you feel the need to state how friends you are with someone, in our social crowds, most of the times, that’s just pr.

However, around here we’re praising something else instead, we’re praising real people, special people, fascinating personalities and amazing characters. Around here we don’t believe in best friends but in special relationships. People with which you may not see  yourself every day, but which are always there when you need them.


Here, we believe in people who:


  • let you be who you are but are not supportive when you tend to judge things wrongly and give pieces of advice that really help you, as opposite to pieces of advice that only satisfies your ego
  • call you in the middle of the night to help them do a shenanigan
  • can teach you something new everyday
  • offer their help without you asking it
  • are fair with others
  • are honestly glad for your success and you are honestly glad for theirs
  • who you get drunk with you and laugh the night away


Here we believe that it’s best to have a multitude of people around you and to learn something from each one of them. People are different, complex and sometimes beautiful at heart, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one.

In this video you can see four of them. Four special women that I have in my life. We have such a mature and stress free friendship that it may take another 10 pages to describe it. Nope, you don’t see us in the daily pictures together because I think we look like a pack of geese.

I think we’re really lucky to be so close and I hope that I’ll have them in my life a long time from now.




Now, what the heck am I going to do for their birthdays?!?! How can I compete with this awesome idea!?!?

Also, if you wonder what Elena is saying at the end of her act. Yes, they always say I’m Edna.


Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is




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  1. A Modern Girl says:

    i think this is awesome! and you made me miss my special pack of girls 🙂

  2. silvia m says:

    doamne :))))) genial este cadoul fetelor, si cam greu de egalat, mda….
    p.s. esti minunata si extrem de noroocoasa 🙂

  3. High Heels says:

    that is THE attitude ana! well done girls!

  4. rachel says:

    ah! the best present everrrrrrrr <3 loved it

  5. gina malina says:

    mi-a placut la nebunie!

  6. Fusta Bunicii says:

    asta este de fapt adevaratul stil! asta este! atitudinea!

  7. Cecille says:

    total fermecator! chiar semeni! no cape 🙂

  8. chic&chic says:

    j’aime ! lovey friends even more after this

  9. Beatrice says:

    oh so true…it is so so important to have ppl near you that tell you the truth, especially when you go wrong…totally loved your wisdom today

  10. Emanuel I. says:

    Cat de tare!?
    Chiar e un cadou SPECIAL.
    Nebunele astea mici te imita extrem de bine, ai grija de S!

  11. Edna says:

    Chanel would be a great idea!

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