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27 January 2014 / By / 19 Comments

lovely morodan

close up

winter outfit


cool bag

smiling Ana

morodan 2

lovely pisica

Morodan smiling

grey blouse


morodanI am wearing H&M Paris Collection boots, Wolford tights, H&M woolly, Chanel bag and a Maria Marinescu white cardigan – available on Molecule F.com

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




Well, I think we can easily conclude that nowadays it’s not snowing only on my blog, it’s snowing everywhereeeee.

Should we jump with joy or wreck our brains off with anger because it’s muddy and we don’t have parking spots anymore?


Here are my, the let’s say negative aspects, since it started to snow:


  • I hit 3 cars, mas o menos, actually, 4 if I count the one I wrecked while parking last night – no major damages, only the car body scratched  (I don’t know how to say “caroserie” )
  • I had to dezapezesc (I don’t know to say “dezapezesc” in English either) my car like 4 or 5 times. Evidence here
  • had to dress like a fluffy midget
  • I froze yesterday while taking these pics – Silvia froze also
  • can’t move my car from where I left it last night


Well, I have not one but TWO grey hairs, I am not going to get angry just because of this, no? It snowed. Yes, maybe there are several negative aspects, so what?

I’m going to wait for Serban and then we’re going to get the car out from the huge pile of snow. Then we’re going to go for a walk into the woods. Maybe we’ll see some deers or squirrels or something. I’m determined to see the positive part in all of this. After all, we live on earth and what happens in or with the nature is amazing! We’re just too focused on our daily routines to care anymore.



Also, say  hi and nice to meet you to Silvia, my new team member, a very talented photographer and an edgy/ chic blogger. Something tells me we’ll have tons of fun together.


Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Snow lover with all costs, Morodan


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  1. Rona says:

    Amazing photos! Lovely chic, very Parisian!

    Dress To Cook

  2. Claudia Lazar says:

    Gorgeous Ana is gorgeous!!! <3

  3. bianca says:

    Yep, I hate snow as well! xoxo


  4. Zadin says:

    Mâna Silviei în aceste imagini este inconfundabilă. Bineînţeles că şi modelul este pe măsură.

  5. andreea_afi says:

    WoW!!!!! I love Silvia!!! She is amazing…. Va potriviti !!! Felicitari for the addition!

  6. anaivilo says:

    Winter can be a pain indeed, but also lovely…for a short time, yes.
    The photos look great and wearing hats in Winter is so much cooler than a normal furry hat! (I don’t know h to say caciula in English :)) ):D

  7. Andra says:

    Geniale poze! Love it!

  8. Georgiana says:

    Intr-adevar, fotografiile poarta amprenta Silviei! Imi place la nebunie ce cu pasarile!

  9. Paula Miron says:

    hi dear! love your blog, and i know silvia’s too, she is great 🙂 nice team

  10. Expiali says:

    Si eu o ador pe Silvia!!! E prima data cand scriu aici 🙂 nu si ultima, promit! Great job!

  11. veraaa says:

    frumoase cizmele, iar tu si mai frumoasa 🙂 nu-mi aminti de partile negative ale acestei ierni ca moooooor! dar o sa incerc sa fiu optimista ca tine ca altfel o iau razna 🙂

  12. jessie tom says:

    nice attitude countess <3

  13. Style Bomb says:

    …..and you are still not mad after all that ? really ana, you are a hero! no cape! #yesterdays #post #hint

  14. Maria Dinu Ion says:

    asa ana ! veverite in padure ! :)))))) ma faci sa rad de asta ador postarile tale sunt adorabile si pline de stil! salutari calde

  15. Lucy's Closet says:

    imi place outfitul tau relaxat. sau atitudinea voiam sa zic? aaaaa cred ca ambele. kiss kiss kiss

  16. Poza cu porumbeii… m-a cucerit! Cred c-am s-o salvez undeva, cu referintele de rigoare. E absolut minunata!

  17. toytulip says:

    I love these pictures! You look beautiful! 😀

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