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20 January 2014 / By / 23 Comments

.Perfect Morodan

Paisi fur


cartier bracelet


red hat


red hat beige dressI am wearing an Andra Andreescu dress, Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes thigh high boots, a Gabriela Dumitran Millinery hat, Cartier Love bracelet and a vintage gold one and a beautiful Paisi fur available at Molecule F

© Serban Cristea



There are quite a few benefits of people calling you a “countess”. First of all you can easily pull off a Dick Tracy outfit and act like an eccentric idiot without raising eyebrows – you’ve been mad so many times before that they’ve already gotten used to it. Second of all, you get to be as free as you want to be because everyone already knows you are crazy. All in all, there are all kinds of freedoms this attribute brings and I plan to stay exactly as I am. Well, maybe a little bit more wiser.

On the other hand, yesterday was my birthday. Nope, not that big of a deal. I sort of suck at celebrating the fact that I get older. But it was awesome that so, so many people called to say “Happy birthday”. Also, tomorrow I’m gonna show you something. You’ll laugh, I promise.

Serban and I have a tradition, each year for my birthday we spend a few days at a castle. Remember last year’s Villa Cora in Florence? Well, this year he found a beautiful castle in Romania, a castle where a real countess lives! Boy, can’t wait to tell you all about it. Till then have a look at my daily updates from this amazing place on my Instagram or my new Twitter profile (I’m mad in love with the layout, you like?)


Here we are on our way there. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful raw bistro in Brasov. Details soon also.

Now, before I go, we must agree that this Andra Andreescu dress is the mother of all things sensual.



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Red Morodan


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  1. Adee says:

    Fabuloasa <3

  2. Style Bubble says:

    yes , i agree, that dress….oh….

  3. Hera says:

    wellcome back goddess!!!!!

  4. gina malina says:

    nu stiu despre voi fetelor, dar eu trebuie sa am o palarie ca asta <3 <3 este perfecta

  5. Fete Fine says:

    ador personajul tau ana, so keep going dear!

  6. Mariuca Stanescu says:

    dar ce viata palpitanta :))))) recunosc ca e viciul meu preferat sa te urmaresc pe ascund la birou.love the boots! and the dress, oh yes!

  7. OTI says:

    you go countess! liking the outfit! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :*

  8. Janice Is Chic says:

    very chic and mysterious uuuuuuuuuu mmmmmmmm sensual baby!

  9. Passion for Fashion says:

    looking gorgeous! happpy birthday lovely!

  10. Iulia Vantu Nita says:

    la multi ani! e timpul sa imi scot la purtat blana! m-ai inspirat contesa nebuna!

  11. alinutza says:

    esti un vis :)))))) te ador

  12. popescu A. says:

    extraordinar, abia astept sa aflu si mai ales sa vaaaaaaad unde ati mers, la un castel…spui tu ca nu e usor si ca e multa munca in spate draga mea, dar cateodata pe bune ca pare ca traiesti intr-un vis frumos! iubesc blogul tau! si tinuta de azi e atat de sarmanta!

  13. Ilinca says:

    mda, nici eu nu ma omor sa-mi sarbatoresc ziua, dar noroc cu iubitul meu care ma rasfata 🙂 arati splendid!

  14. Chic & Chic says:

    you look deadly beautiful! perfect style! happy bday chicest one!

  15. queen says:

    funny, and awesome! countess meets countess! lova ya

  16. xenia cutun says:

    la muuuuulti aaaaaaani!

  17. Dana Toma says:

    contesa mea favorita, palaria perfecta (love gabriela dumitran!!!!), o blana superba, si o rochie mortala, toate intr-o poza!!!! am lesinat! 🙂 la multi ani ana!

  18. Eugene Marie says:

    you look just like in a mystery movie! cool!

  19. Andreea Vociu says:

    Happy birthday! May you have all the thrilling adventures and movie like moments that you dream of!

  20. Bogi Vrg says:

    The dress is beautiful!

  21. Zadin says:

    Cea de-a doua imagine este o operă de artă. Jur că o înrămez.
    La mulți anișori, Ana!

  22. Soos Cristina says:

    La Multiii Multiiii Ani Fericiti
    draga mea Contesa

  23. Soos Cristina says:

    Esti senzationala 🙂
    Te ador si Te iubesc <3
    Pupici :*:*

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