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1 September 2015 / By / 18 Comments



As you`ve seen lately I“m updating you with real life fragments also. I mean, elaborate shootings are tha bomb, but life is not all about that. It`s like that prick Wang* said: `It`s how you behave and what you wear in your days off that are the most reveling.`







I`m currently in Berlin.  Landed from Paris this morning, filmed something in Bucharest and then flew for Berlin this evening.


But before it all became more hectic than it already was I`ve met Gabi for lunch. Because:


1. I wanted to have a chit chat with her about some aspects we both agree on

2. She`s a character. A unique one around here. And I like spending my time with special  people 

3. I wanted to ask her to borrow me her uber cool kid stroller. Which I actually forgot. Gabi, would you? For 3 hours maximum. 

4. We share our vintage secret addresses from time to time so this was that time












Of course I`m not gonna excuse myself for McDonald`s ing. You know that I`m a fast food lover. (the raw/vegan/and so on followers please let me make my own choices and don`t judge ) And I`m a hedonist. Leave me be. I`m enjoying life. And most of all. I`m Grand Plaisir**-ing. That salad I was telling you about. Created by Chef Nicolai Tand. So I`ve not even cheated on my diet. 5b

By the way McDonald`s, congrats! That`s a super tasty salad. I`m not a big fan of salads, but this one is delicious. Gabi agreed. Gabi is not dieting. You know, she has 50 kilos. Or less. And a kid. Whom she gave birth to a few months ago. Oh well. I have big boobs. 






*I still remember this. Filming those people in a scene like that and using  it for marketing it`s just mean, cheating and low. 

** If you want to discover how the #GrandPlaisir salad is made, you can do that on the 3rd of September at 12 pm to see Chef Nicolai Tand at McDonald`s Victoriei Square making it live. 





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  1. Laura says:

    Am mai multe chestii sa-ti spun, draga Ana:
    1. Am recunoscut-o pe Gabi din prima, chiar daca statea cu spatele in poza (si ai dreptate, e o fata senzationala!);
    2. salata aia chiar arata delicios, sigur o s-o incerc saptamana asta;
    si 3. that bag! oh that bag…

  2. Marta says:

    wow, ce bine arata! n-as fi crezut ca o sa spun asta vreodata despre o salata, dar e yummy

  3. elisabeta ivan says:

    un guilty pleasure e foarte bun din cand in cand 😉 McDo is my all timve fav guilty pleasure 🙂

  4. oana grigoras says:

    si eu merg la un chit-chat cu fetele la McDonald’s din cand in cand si cred ca e mai sanatos sa mergi si sa recunosti decat sa fii client fidel si sa te dai healthy eater peste tot 😉

  5. Mihaela says:

    e delicioasa salata, am incercat-o

  6. diana florescu says:

    real life aspects are my favourite 😉

  7. Oh well i thank God to my baby everyday for letting me feel at least once in my life…what does “HAVING BOOBS” actually feels like.
    In alta ordine de idei…hai sa-ti dau carutul ala repede ca ma pregatesc sa-l vand cat se poate de curand :))
    Te-am pupat!

    • eliza b says:

      Having boobs….I totally understand! :)))))) C cup baby, I’m loving it :))))

  8. and my BABY ” to “, nu’s proasta ..dar aveam emotii la primul comment :))

  9. Corina says:

    I love real life fragments 🙂

  10. ioana radulescu says:

    delicioasa salata, recunosc insa ca merge cu o portie mica mica mica de cartofi prajiti :)))))

  11. Foxxy says:

    love your outfits, very cool

  12. maria baciu says:

    asta e poseta vietii….tuturor femeilor 🙂 superba

  13. Ani Dinu says:

    McDonald;s is my choice too from time to time, and I just adore their menu. Must try this salad

  14. catalina says:

    Gabi e minunata, o ador 🙂

  15. Marina Stroe says:

    am incercat azi salata, e deliciu. cu sos de iaurt, preferatul meu 😉

  16. Olivia P says:

    Love your kimono, ageless piece

  17. renata says:

    toti mergem la mcdonald’s, toti mancam saorma, mici, burgeri, chipsuri and other sutff. nu facem asta zilnic, dar o facem. because we’re humans 🙂

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