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Since I`ve been stating this for a while – the McDonald`s lover thing, sorry, I don`t like hypocrisy, I love and eat McDonald`s (as stated many times including here). Call it my special sin if you want but fact is fact – I was invited to attend a special launch, their new summer salad created by chef Nicolai Tand.



Heyyy, look, it`s my morning face. 4b


Having a chat with the awesome  Cristina Bazavan




Grand Plaisir, the salad, is inspired by Parisian cuisine and has some special ingredients never used by McDonald`s before. And it`s a Limited Edition available from the 11th  of July until the 30th  of September in 67 McDonald`s restaurants from all over the country. So it-must-be-tasted.

Ok, salads are pretty cool lately, I admit it and Grand Plaisir has French cheese, grilled chicken, apio, cherry tomatoes, bacon and salad leaves. And I can add a dressing. Dressings are my foodie orgasm.

I plan to have this salad for lunch soon. So that you can`t say that I`m not a veggie lover. 6b


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  1. gina says:

    si la mine e tot guilty pleasure, si recunosc . nu sunt mandra de asta, dar nici ipocrita 🙂

  2. Nicoleta P says:

    hmmm, suna foarte bine aceasta salata, o voi incerca neaparat. branza frantuzeasca e my absolute love cand vine vorba de mancare :))))

  3. ioana radulescu says:

    tried, tested, yummy! pe bune

  4. Larisa says:

    ce bine arata toate legumele alea insirate acolo, o testez chiar azi la pranz

  5. Liliana Stroe says:

    e delicioasa si super fresh! big like

  6. greta says:

    chef Nicolai Tand e extrem de talentat, ador mancarurile lui si sunt sigura ca salata asta e un deliciu

  7. Andreea Ioana says:

    vai cum arata branza aia… duc chiar acum sa incerc salata asta

  8. Violeta Paun says:

    Arati minunat iar colierul e foarte frumos.

  9. ionela says:

    sosurile…da…inteleg perfect :)))))

  10. camy dumitru says:

    E foarte buna, am mancat azi cand m-am dus croita sa-mi iau niste confort food. Am ales varianta healthy pentru ca arata apetisant. Turns out ca chiar e apetisanta

  11. Stefana says:

    ador salatele si ocoleam McDonald’s tocmai ca sa nu cad in capcana lui….BIG :)) good to know ca avem aceasta varianta healthy

  12. Truta Ilinca says:

    delicioasa, pe cuvant de gurmanda 🙂

  13. kiki says:

    you look pretty

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