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30 August 2015 / By / 22 Comments



Well, what can I say? It`s like winning an Oscar? Who knows, I`ve never won one. But definitely it`s one hell of a huge and overwhelming feeling. 



Ana Morodan 2



To be on the over of a magazine, that is. And when that magazine is a peak of excellence in its field, things tend to reach ultimate heights when it comes to being thrilled.




Pictures by Alexandru Rosieanu at Floriaria Iris 




Q Magazine is renowned to promote only the Top people in their fields of activity and I`ve been a reader for years – I like to know things. Like, you know, things. Things besides the new Prada collection. 5b It was only natural to get psyched when I was proposed to be on the cover.  I felt butterflies in my stomach. My first cover ever and for such a valuable magazine. #iDied



I send my sincere Thank You to Q Magazine`s editor-in-chief Floriana Jucan, a living legend, whom I hope you all get the chance to meet one day. She`s an immense inspiration and a life changer. Literally. 



Ana Morodan




I leave you with a fragment from the interview.  Here`s the full version






 Fitz * being all proud and cocky 


*Fitzgerald on its full name – oh, haven`t told you his story yet? I`ve been talking about him on social media for a while now – yes, its Him not IT, don`t start you grammar natzy, you. He looks like Super a little, don`t you think?

Ana Morodan 1Ingrid Vlasov blouse – Gabriela Dumitran hat – H&M earrings 

Photos of me  at the office by Adrian Sticlaru 





In case you`re asking yourself:



Focus your Mind + Work Hard and mostly Work Smart + Never Lose Sight of the Objective + Listen to Your Inner Voice + People will talk…don`t Listen, Go Your Own Way + Smile and Be Positive + No Fear + Cry if you sometimes Must + Indulge Yourself + Be Kind with YOU + There is No Failure Option = You Made It



That`s my life and business Mantra. 


And I`m just getting started. 6b










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  1. Denisa Costache says:

    Superba pe coperta, si mi-a placut mult interviul

  2. Alina says:

    Sunt fidela QMagazine de cativa ani, chiar e o revista speciala. Bravo!

  3. koko says:

    that Ingrid Vlasov blouse is gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. LoreDana says:

    Splendid cover, and lovely photos. Happy4u 🙂

  5. ioana popa says:

    pastrez destul de rar revistele dupa ce le citesc, dar pe asta am pastrat-o la loc de cinste 🙂 unul dintre numerele mele preferate

  6. Clara says:

    You look like a powerful young lady on the cover 🙂 love it

  7. adda says:

    lovely dress

  8. Mihaela Duta says:

    din pacate am ratat revista la chioscuri, dar ma bucur ca am putut citi interviul, foarte frumos 🙂

  9. sara says:

    great hat, I love Gabriela Dumitran creations ❤️

  10. CarmenA says:

    Ma bucur pentru tine, la cat mai multe coperte 😉 te pup

  11. anemona says:

    ador rochita de pe coperta si colierul e foarte special

  12. Margareta says:

    Foarte frumos, sper sa te intalnesc intr-o zi 🙂

  13. natalia nistor says:

    Amazing outfit, hats are my fav thing lately 😉

  14. Corina Catalina Ciobanu says:

    My lovely Ana, after spending two,almost 3 days with you, all i can say is that you are an amazing human being, with a big heart and sincere smile. I’m sure that soon you will see your dream come true. I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon. <3

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Thank you for teaching me some important stuff Corina 🙂 <3 And I hope to see you soon 🙂

  15. Congratulations!

  16. Beatrice says:

    Cel mai elegant interviu pe care l-am citit in ultima vreme. Bravo, foarte frumos

  17. felicia dan says:

    superba pe coperta

  18. Amalia Soare says:

    Great photos of you and Fitz, I absolutely adore your blouse

  19. maria says:

    Super cool palaria

  20. luana says:

    such a special necklace, I love it

  21. maxine says:

    awesome hat and kimono, they are perfect together ❤️

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