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31 March 2014 / By / 20 Comments

2 This It’s not Monday it’s MORODAN Day on Molecule F I am wearing a Murmur dress – available at Molecule, H&M blazer and a Celine bag

Photo by Silvia Postolatiev





A small glimpse at my Sunday walk. I decided to have this one at the mall. Whaaaat? What am I doing at the mall on a Sunday afternoon? Well, no! You guessed it all wrong, I did not shop. The shopaholic era is long gone, now we’re smart shoppers and focused on being immortal not fashionable. That was the plan last week, remember?  Yes, the mall thing, patience Doctor Watson, patience… #winkkk


Before I start making a fuss around my press appearances this month, allow me a small moment of content in order to welcome my new ultimate character hairdo – perfectly styled by Sorin Stratulat #thankyouuu .



My first Thank You goes to Unica Magazine, which covered a 2 pages story about me and my style.

Thank you darling  Raluca Hagiu and congratulations for the new layout, the new  UNICA Magazine looks super fresh and cool!


Ana Morodan in Unica Magazine


Ana Morodan in Unica Mag 2014



My second press features was in Marie Claire Romania. I adore the picture Alex Galmeanu took of me. Featuring Paco, his well behaved cool dog. Thank you Mara, Oana and Flavia. You ladies made me feel special!


Ana in Marie Claire Romania




Now it’s time to say goodbye because I’m going to be kidnapped and taken somewhere. Let’s hope it’s a magical place.


See you guys tomorrow and thank you all for appreciating what I do! It means a lot and I couldn’t be more grateful. #noprbullshit #forreal



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Aneta Viperetta



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  1. Your dress is amazing! Simply amazing

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    You are growing and blooming beautifly ❤
    Have funn & relax 🙂
    Pupici :*:*

  3. Fusta Bunicii says:

    Deosebit de mult imi place si mie fotografia ta facuta de Alex Galmeanu 🙂 esti foarte frumoasa

  4. Dianaaa says:

    LOVE that red dress from Marie Claire, what is it???

  5. XENIA the Chic says:

    HOT HOT HOT Ana Morodan!!!! Muah!

  6. Lovely Style says:

    congratulations darling, you deserve it <3

  7. TEO says:

    foarte cool articolul despre cele sapte tinute! mi-au placut!

  8. From Style Country says:

    it’s always nice to say “thank you” 🙂

  9. A Modern Girl says:

    i adore the new Murmur collection, this dress too! you look great in it! congratulations on all the wonderful features and your new hairstyle dear 😉

  10. gina iulian says:

    hey hey quite some features this month! you rock Ana!

  11. omidutza says:

    ce-as vrea sa ma rapesca si pe mine cineva macar saptamana asta :)))) o sa am o saptamana super aglomerata! felicitari pentru noul look&articole!

  12. Floarea Ion says:

    rochia de la Murmur e cu adevarat speciala! love it!

  13. J.S. Luna says:

    loved this month’s Marie Claire, you look awesome in it!

  14. Die Style says:

    Saturday’s look is great!

  15. wanda smith says:


  16. irina says:

    foarte tare Ana!

  17. Minunatiile Dulapului says:

    si eu apreciez ce faci!!!

  18. Always In Style says:

    seems like you are always in style darling, I sure do think so, and I am glad the fashion magazines do so also 🙂

  19. Girls 'n Guns says:

    tot mai mult mi-a placut articolul cu regina gainilor/ “gainilor” 🙂 dar ma bucur si te felicit pentru aparitiile in presa, esti speciala ana!

  20. Ana, cred ca ar trbui sa-ti porti mai des fruntea goala, arati foarte bine in ultima apartie din Marie Claire. 🙂

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