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Hello kleine pisican,


I haven`t posted since Tuesday and I feel like I`ve been gone for a week. Well, by the time you`re reading this I will actually be gone #detailssoon.

But now it`s 5 am and here are the news flash – everybody goes to the supermarket! Daphne Guinness, Ilie Nastase, Beyonce and Pharell and even Modern Countesses. Yep, it`s a fact of life. And I don`t know about you, but when I`m in a supermarket, I always pay a visit to the clothing area also.


Based on this principle, I was seen in a Cora supermarket a few days ago and I was invited to imagine my own story around their new catalog – Outfits with a travel ticket


Below are my some of my favorite picks




anamorodan com 8

anamorodan com 6

anamorodan com 7



anamorodan com 2

anamorodan com 1

anamorodan com



anamorodan com 4

anamorodan com 3

anamorodan com 5




anamorodan com 9

anetaI am wearing Cora outfits, a Gabriela Dumitran hat and vintage jewelry

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




A? I did well au ba?


You must admit, these are comfy/easy to wear and cute outfits (always loved the innocent/feminine side of us, women).  Some of my choices are from Cora`s own comfy clothing line, Influx and for the record, the bathing suit (and I almost never love prints) and the red pants won my petite heart.


And so that you never forget that I adore you people – you can win a super cool item from this new Cora catalog. All you have to do is tell me in a comment how you would dress if you went on a holiday to one of these travel destinations. You have 5 days.


Beautiful items are not expensive and fashion is at our disposal to be taken, don`t build your style around people`s misconceptions. Have fun! There`s nothing more awesome than going shopping for broccoli and finding the perfect dress!




UPDATE – 05.06.2014 – the Winner is The Fitting Shoe #yeyyy

Congrats my darling, someone will get in touch with you soon




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anettovschi Bananettovschi


*Thank you to the kind gentleman with the cute car. His car number actually said `ciao bella`, we did not Photoshop it. My eye lines are perfect because Silvia made them, I`m still shit at these things


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  1. kiki's day says:

    i actually love them all, nice oufits!

  2. denise fiona lewis says:

    the Roma outfit is my fav 😉

  3. Skinny Mary says:

    hihi nice bathing suit Ana
    also, the picturea are so cool, they tell your story so well…

  4. Queen of Style says:


  5. Nico Varvara says:

    vaaaaaiiiiii :)))) ce masina dragutaaaaaaa as da orice sa am o masinuta asa 🙂
    imi plac toate outfiturile tale de astazi!


    nice sandals!

  7. mariana says:

    chiar nu conteaza de unde te imbraci, arati superb!

  8. High Heels says:

    simply beautiful 🙂 i especially like the bathing suit, and the look from Rome!

  9. Baby Jean says:

    your smile is contagious, and it’s great that you can smile like that and get dressed from Cora, if is not about how much we pay for clothes, isn’t it?

  10. We Have Style says:

    tres chic Countess Ana!

  11. Dianaaa says:

    esti minunata! pai normal ca toata lumea merge la supermarket, inclusiv celebritatile, toti suntem oameni nu? muah!!!

  12. Catalina Stoian says:

    Hmm, inca o provocare, Ana:) Delicios.
    O provocare prin care sa fiu creativa si sa ma imaginez in orasul pe care il ador:Londra!

    So, here we go:
    • top roz prafuit, gen corset;
    • fusta creion neagra, cu centura in talie de culoare grena
    • trench negru, pana la genunchi
    • poseta vintage neagra, cu toarte scurte;
    • cizme over knee cu toc
    • umbrela grena
    Nu voi uita sa ii spun ca voi alege sa port parul super drept!

    XoXo, Catalina

  13. MARTA'S CLOSET says:

    daca m-as duce la Rio clar m-as imbraca intr-un costum retro verde smarald si as purta flori in par!

  14. Style Bomb says:

    sunt de acord cu tine, it’s about having FUN!

  15. Vanessa Youngdaughter says:

    in paris i would wear only yohji yamamoto kind of clothes!

  16. natasha guy says:

    mmmm in Rome i would wear a slim fit suit like a vero italiano man, only fit for my woman body 🙂

  17. Fete Fine says:

    foarte cool concursul, si tema colectiei! i wouldn’t wear anything different that i wear here, in nici un oras din lume, dar potrivit temperaturii bineinteles 🙂 cred ca asta defineste de fapt un stil 🙂

  18. Georgette Girl says:

    si mie imi plac patalonii risii, as incerca sa construiesc tinute cat mai diverse in jurul lor in oricare din aceste destinatii, cred ca se poate 🙂

  19. jana says:

    ce draguta e bluza cu inimioareeeeeee

  20. Kira Ioana says:

    beautiful countess!!!!

  21. Why Noy says:

    in London i would wear….a pair of jeans, an elegant jacket and a t-shirt 🙂

  22. beatrice beatrice says:

    a very 90s bathing suit in Rio!

  23. Oana says:

    imi plac pantofii tai de morrrr 🙂 in special sandalele leopard print

  24. hermina toma says:

    daca e sa punem problema asa, si mp-as intalni cu tine la Cora la raionul de…ceva, nu am nici o problema sa imi cumpar haine de la Cora :)))

  25. silvia m says:

    cel mai mult imi place tinuta ta din Londra, iti vine super culoarea si rochia e dragu

  26. wanda says:

    dar unde te mai duci ce surprize ne mai pregatesti!? curiosity killed the cat!

  27. Laura V.L. says:

    so true…

  28. Chic&Chic says:


  29. helena christensen says:

    gorgeous creature you would look great in anything, love these Cora outfits on you!

  30. mary says:


  31. Lovely! And the car it’s sooo nice :)Perfect match

  32. So So Chic says:

    love your London look!

  33. Zina Cool says:

    chiar imi place concursul Cora, desi in momentul asta nu am simt inspirata! (sunt la birou :)))) clar mi-ar placea sa merg la Paris, asa ca revin cu propunerea mea!

  34. Soos Cristina says:

    Vaiiiii …. Nu am cuvinte ….imi placeeee totttttt
    Superb articol : 5 ***** micheline
    Superbe Tinutele : 5 ***** Vreau si eu la CORA 🙁
    Tu … A D O R A B I L A ❤ arati FANTASTIC !
    Esti o WONDER WOMAN ❤

    RIO … costum de baie negru din 2 piese ,am o palarie mare mareeee neagra din Mexic,ochelari de soare, o camasa Zara inflorata , slapi si o geanta incapatoare pentru arsenalul de plaja

    Ciao Bella Mia

  35. Anca says:

    Ha, ha! Chiar ma uitam la eyeliner si imi ziceam ca ai devenit foarte priceputa!

  36. Neacsu Florina says:

    superbe pozele!!
    In Praga eu as purta conversi albi, pantaloni scurti de jeans albastrii si un corset albastru cu gri si alb, iar in Budapesta o rochie lunga, de vara, cu flori si culori deschise si sandale aurii, cu talpa plata

  37. Monica Daliu says:

    I am in love with Roma outfit, it’s perfect from my point of view! 🙂

  38. Anca M. says:

    Londra: blue boyfriend ripped jeans, brown oxford shoes and a comfy beige shirt. All this accessorized with a brown postman bag, and a pair of brown eyeglasses!

    PS: I love your Roma outfit!

  39. Milita Petre says:

    Nu ma pot decide, sunt indragostita de outfit-urile alese de tine pentru Roma si Paris! Vreau si eu!!! 😀

  40. Diana Tarhon says:

    Hmmm….daca as pleca maine in Londra, as purta o pereche de jeansi skinny, un pulover larg suprapus peste o camasa bleu, alaturi de o geanta oversized si botine cu toc gros si botul patrat.

  41. Andreea Voicu says:

    Foarte inspirate tinutele, preferatele mele sunt Roma si Paris <3! Tinuta mea pentru Roma in care m-am si imbracat cand am fost: o fustita retro stil Audrey Hepburn si o bluza feminina 🙂

  42. Vorba aceea Love at first plane ticket…cam asa se descrie si postarea ta, vibranta, plina de imaginatie si cu alegeri vestimentare absolut potrivite pentru destinatiile alese.

    Well, eu azi sunt in London mood asa ca here I go :
    – boyfriend jeans, cu cat mai rupti cu atat mai bine
    – o camasa alba, eventual “imprumutata” din garderoba prietenului meu
    – o pereche de Oxford shoes, negrii, usor lacuiti
    – o palarie din fetru, neagra, eventual ca cele purtate de Pharell ca si asa mergem la acelasi supermarket
    – o geanta vintage, gent satchel, cumparata de la un second hand store cu 5 pounds pe langa Camden market
    – si why not o banoffee pie, ca si asa numai prin Londra se gaseste

    xx, Cheers

  43. Lux says:

    În primul rând, m-aș duce la Roma. Neapărat! Și odată în Roma, aș purta o rochie albă peste genunchi, simplă în partea de sus, plisată în partea de jos, cu o curelușă roșie subțire în talie, iar în picioare mi-aș pune fie sandalele leopardice fie cele roșii pe care tocmai le-ai lansat. Bucle lejere, ruj roșu și o pereche de ochelari de soare ar întregi peisajul.

    Kisses! <3

  44. Susana says:

    As Audrey Hepburn would say „Paris is always a good idea” so there is no doubt that I would go straight to Paris. Here it is what I would wear:

    – Shoes: a pair of Red Patent Leather Jimmy Choo Anouk
    – Skirt: Tulle Skirt Tea length
    – Top: white one with huge black bubbles on it, preferable with boat neck
    – Accessories: a black Vintage Wide Brim hat and a Blue Nile wide polished gold (or imitation, the value is not necessary important but the gilded color) bracelet

    Très Chic!

  45. Larisa says:

    Buna Ana,

    Eu as alege Parisul, iar tinuta pe care as purta-o ar fi compusa din:

    – o pereche de pantofi barbatesti nude (oxford)
    – o rochita alba feminina
    – un blazer lung, gri, lungimea acestuia fiind aceeasi cu cea a rochitei
    – o palarie crem asezata “neglijent” pe cap
    – o geanta de marime medie, neaparat cu baretele din lant
    – as accesoriza tinuta cu multe bratari, manecile sacoului fiind suflecate
    – pe parcursul plimbarii, tinuta ar mai fi accesorizata cu o punga Ladurée 🙂

    Mult succes in continuare!

  46. candrea nadia alina says:

    Buna, Ana! Tu arati superb in toate ipostazele din acest articol, astfel incat imi vine greu sa ma pun “in pielea ta” si sa ma imaginez in aceste locatii deosebite, pe care de altfel nici nu le-am in vazut in realitate vreodata! Imi plac toate tinutele, dar in mod deosebit prima (Rome!), because I love RED! Si masina mea este tot rosie! Prin urmare eu as alege o rochie lejera, cu imprimeu floral,nu foarte incarcata de lungime medie, cu o curea care sa sublinieze linia taliei. Si ca sa ma simt bine oana la capat in scurta mea escapada imaginara, o sa ma incalt cu o pereche de incaltaminte sport de culoare fuchsia!!! Sa avem concediu placut!!! And…I love Cora 😉

  47. ana says:

    Ce inspirate tinutele! Bravo, Ana! La Rio de Janeiro, eu as purta o pereche scurta de pantaloni de alergat foarte subtiri si care sa nu fie stramti deloc, adidasi si un top cropuit. Pacat ca nu suntem baieti… ar fi fost mai usor cu six pack-ul la vedere. Cam asa ii vezi pe localnici pe acolo, mai ales ca au niste mini gim-uri pe plaja…zile in care soselele de langa mare se transforma in piste de alergat.

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