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Did you ever have one of those moments when you just want to find that one scent that says it all?

That one scent that tells the world that you are an confident, independent, glamorous and sophisticated woman?

I bet you did. I have one each time I decide to buy a new perfume. And my olfactory sense struggles and struggles to find that little encrypted scent that does me justice. Yep, I want it to tell the world that I’m smart and sometimes bitchy (because I can and because I’m smart, as stated above) and chic and powerful and magical, active, confident, sophisticated, wise, refined, educated, well mannered and delicate and mysterious and serene, all in all a person full of qualities.  
Please consider yourself lucky to have witnesses what is maybe the most arrogant phrase I have ever said/written about me in my entire life. But it’s true, I’m all of those things, sure, some of those qualities need improvement but I’m a fast learner.

Anyways, getting back to the topic at hand, here’s a revealing news – I found one. I found a scent that says all those things about a woman – It’s Avon’s CITY RUSH fragrance.

I always admired how Avon supports independent and powerful women so I’m glad that now they have a new perfume to celebrate that.

In order to celebrate this launch, Avon prepared a great, stylish adventure for you.

It’s a campaign about the urban-chic, active YOU

In the next weeks you get to win a City Rush kit (a City Rush fragrance, cream and a shower creme).


In the most glamorous way possible.

You know that nowadays there’s an event happening every night in the city. And many of you are going to these events no?

Well, all you have to do is

– take your picture 

– upload it here – under the category you feel it describes you best (optional, you can describe your photo or outfit)

Each week four of you (one from each category), the ones who have the biggest number of LIKES will win a City Rush kit.

I told you it will be fun and glamorous.

The category I represent is sensual/sexy so if you feel that way submit your picture here

  •   wear a black pencil skirt + a cotton nude t shirt, a statement necklace and a drop of City Rush
  •  nowadays we carry lots of useless stuff in our bags. Free yourself and don’t wear anything.  You’ll be surprised how sexy you can look without any hard trying. Also I really believe in that rule – your accessories should be of a good quality, don’t wear kitschy ones it will only make you look fashionable for the untrained eye.
  •  being sexy does not mean being loud. Be mysterious and laid back. You don’t have to shout, laugh, speak lots of nonsense to be noticed. You just have to be confident. It doesn’t matter if you are shy cause being shy is sexy

  • feel good about yourself and always remember to act for yourself not for the social crowd you hung out with

  •  and most of all – be that type of sexy a sapiosexual will admire (sapiosexual = one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature)

Reasons to love Mila Jovovich

– she can be the resident in Resident Evil without loosing her feminity

– she seem to never get older

– she is very sexy even when she wears her pajamas

Btw, in the campaign add I wore a  Andra Andreescu dress and a Stephan Pelger necklace – I adore this outfit – it’s so powerful and yet lady like

Good luck beautiful and stylish kittens!


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  1. Hannah Alyse says:

    You look fabulous as usual! I adore How To Steal A Million!! The clothes are to die for…the scene with the black dress, lace mask, dark eyes, and huge diamonds takes my breath away…sigh…

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