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I choose carefully the people whom I let gravitate around m,e in my universe.
It’s not because I’m a snob but because my universe in first of all, well, mine! And I treasure it a lot. Cause it’s special (and so you should think about yours)

High Street Cardigans is an online journal about modern stories. About my universe, about unique experiences and about the special people I meet along my adventures. Because I didn’t meet many of you but since you are on this blog it means that we share the same values, I want you to meet some of the people that are my friends in real life.

In the next few months, twice a month, you’ll read Sanziana‘s advices on urban/social survival.


Because she’ that woman you just love to hate. And I love that.

Why again?

Because her bitchness is backed up by the beauty of her mind, the richness of her vocabulary, her culture  and education, her urban constantly updated experience, her principles and her life perspective. All in all she’s always right and she always knows better.

Below you can read her first words of wisdom for the generations to come.
So take a comfy seat and start reading.


Hello there genteel people,

 I’m Sanziana and, for the coming months, I will be gracing the pages of High Street Cardigan’s blog with my weekly ramblings on all things urban lifestyle, loveliness, coolness, and sometime chick-lit worthy perfection. 

How come I’m doing this?

It’s  marvelously simple; Ana asked me to do it. 
Well more likely she said I must do it and, as most of you already know, it’s impossible to say ‘NO’ to Ana. This is actually one of the first things I learnt about her, that and the fact that she is not a short person; she is just concentrated awesome! 

We met about one year ago at a dinner party (yes, indeed, how very grown up of us!) thrown by a model friend of ours. We bonded over prosecco and mutually shared bitchinessand we’ve been friends ever since.

I’m writing this column because I AM one of those people who are likely to know things better than you do. Because that’s just who I am, one of those annoying persons who knows better, tells you how to do it, advice which you ignore but finally wind up saying ‘you’re right’…hence the temporary title of this column. 

As a self-proclaimed smarty pants urbanista, I have an opinion about anything and everything. Based on a borderline obsession with details (I am a Virgo, so bare with me), it just adds up to me knowing a lot about a lot of things.

So let’s skip the middle part where you go out into the world and make some silly mistakes and let’s just focus on getting things done, on your terms… or mine, since the latter will be better, trust me!

My first “I know better” piece of wisdom to you: 

go out into the world, flaunt your talents and your skills, and make a killing with what you’ve got! Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to be good at something. You have the potential to awesome so let the world know too!

And so that you can sleep relaxed at night here’s the proof that sometimes even countesses have to work.

A few months ago I styled the campaign adds for Fly Project.

The campaign photos where shoot by Lightaholic , the team I worked with was extremely professional and Tudor and Dan were the nicest.

A few weeks ago – they filmed their next video so for two whole days we haven’t slept properly, we laughed, endured extreme heat, worked our asses of and hope I turned out right.

The boys were styled by Casual Monday and I used Ludmila Corlateanu, Molecule F, Raluca Mihailceanu, Murmur and many others. You will hear more about it soon.

My job was to style the girls as you can certainly noticed from the styling – they are all decadent divas.

Glamour is a state of mind so don’t feel bad about for having to work. You just have to love what you are working.

Ah, before I go, I have to tell you guys a secret about me – hmm, I love gin tonic??!
Ok, ok, I’m sure you don’t know this – I love playing my violin.

I shared a secret with you with a reason, you’ll understand next week.


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  1. By the way, in the last photo, the dresses are from Ludmila Corlateanu.
    You should have mention that.
    The girls look lovely!

  2. Ana says:

    Eu stiam ca se crediteaza produsul finit, nu? 🙂

    But I’ve put them sa nu ne suparam degeaba.

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