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22 October 2012 / By / 4 Comments
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©  Serban Cristea



You know I’m not an easy person. Serban now knows I’m not an easy woman either.

Yes,yes, there’s a difference between not being an easy person and not being an easy woman. Being a “not easy woman is worse!”

Now. I’m glad that Andreea Tincu made this super comfy suit cause it gave me the opportunity to feel like a little dictator. Mioara Fulga is the new IT jewelry designer. I looovve her creations so they completed my dominatrix look.

I do believe in a certain benefits of dictatorship in specified situations.
Ok, don’t start sending me to a public lashing yet. If the dictator means well he/she  can easily work among the people who have no direction, like, with all do respect, our people.

Democracy is indeed a powerful tool but to use it you don’t have to be just smart. You have to be wise, balanced, committed to others too and so on.


What did we do with ours? Huh?
Our country looks poorer than ever…the architecture, the infrastructure, people’s lifestyle, it’s all upside down.

Ok, I’ll stop, just because here we don’t get sad and bitter but think about it.

When we say dictatorship we automatically think of Ceausescu and that horrors but dictatorship can also direct to positive things.


Anyways, my assistant says I’m a little dictator. And yes, I prefer to be one than a sugarly girl. It always bores me when I see their real, not sugarly at all faces after I get to know them well.




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  1. Anaivilo says:

    That is a yummy color and the suit looks great! Amazing photos as well 😉

  2. you’re a gorgeous dictator in this suit!

  3. so sexy, wonderfuls pics

  4. Emanuel I. says:

    Iar am ramas fara cuvinte…
    Sunteti cei mai tari, iar tu… bini di tăt!

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