Buh-bye,We’re Off to Dubai – Chapter 1

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18 July 2017 / By / 11 Comments

Scorching heat, Ramadan, jaw-dropping man-made structures, artificial islands, gourmet dining, a swim with sharks, abayas paired with 255s.

Dubai really is a unique blend of old and new, tradition and progression.

This week on KUWTM(office) we’ll take you to the bustling economic centre of the Emirates in the plushes of Atlantis the Palm Dubai. Chronologically, because I NEED to organise my thoughts, so let’s dwelve right into it.
I was on my way to the airport with Costri, who was, incredibly, not late. Claude was, incredibly, late and almost missed the flight. This never happened before, I felt like I was watching Freaky Friday and Costri and Claude were swapped. After a relaxing child-free flight we were greeted at the airport by our private chauffeur. On our way to the hotel, our jaws. dropped. to. the. floor. You keep reading about buildings like the Burj-Khalifa. It’s one thing reading about it, but seeing its immensity in person is, well, breathtaking. It looks never-ending.
And there we were, finally, in front of the hotel. I think that “big” is the perfect word to describe everything in Dubai. It’s a “go big or go home” attitude all around. Atlantis looked like something out of a fairytale, intricately designed. Beautiful marble floors (and even walls), chestnut coated elevators and huge floor-to-ceiling windows with vistas to the strips of water (between the leaves of the palm on one side) and the gulf (on the other) awe your every step. Later on, I found out that 58,000 kilometers of steel bars were used in the construction of our hotel. That’s over 9 times the length of the Great Wall of China. And if that’s not BIG enough, I’ll let you know that Atlantis’ signature Royal Bridge Suite, the most luxurious in the resort, measures in at 924 square metres and boasts floor to ceiling views of all of Dubai. How cool is that? 
The service is impecable, I’ve rarely seen waiters so attentive yet unintrusive. The food is #ToDieFor. At least that’s what I was told by Claude and Costri, I was on my diet so I wouldn’t know. (no, I’m totally lying, I ate everything I could and it was all delicious and I regret NOTHING).














Royal Pool 0014



ANA-MORODAN-DUBAI-THE-PALM-ATLANTIS-1Orange dress – Clara Rotescu – Vintage Bazar.ro brooches

Photos by Costrut at Atlantis The Palm Dubai



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  1. Armina Diana says:

    Can’t decide what I like more, that kimono or the gorgeous dress, they are both so so beautiful

  2. Carolina says:

    Now I really, really want to say bye bye and go to dubai too 😀

  3. Morofan says:

    Dubai looks wonderful on you

  4. Angorra says:

    Ce bine te potrivesti in peisaj, abia astept sa ne mai povestesti din experienta din Dubai!

  5. Duta says:

    Dubai e un loc magic 🙂

  6. minna says:

    De cateva saptamani caut locatia perfecta pentru luna de miere… Cred ca am gasit-o 🙂

  7. Ioana Fekete says:

    I neeeed that orange dress in my life <3

  8. Damiana C says:

    Wow. Cat de frumos, nu imi vine sa cred!

  9. Fitzilina says:

    Inainte sa le vad pe tine, brosele mi se pareau super boring si batranesti. Acum nu plec din casa fara sa port macar una.

  10. Ioana Iasmina says:

    Obsesia ta cu kimonouri mi-a generat si mie o obsesie cu kimonouri :)) Niste tips and tricks pe unde pot sa gasesc unele faine?

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