Confession Nr. 4

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16 July 2017 / By / 6 Comments

Have I told you that I’m currently taping a new reality show for Antena 1?



It’s about weddings and all the shinding and I’ll be on your motion picture devices 90 minutes every day inima-albastru. On the downside, that means I’m not sleeping or basically doing anything else. We are filming non-stop. And yes, I have never in my life imagined how tiring this activity could be. 


However, here are my conclusions after 3 weeks of filming:


   1.) I’ve told you before that I don’t want to marry. After filming this show I SOOOOO NEVER-EVER-EVER WANNA MARRY!!!!!!!!!! Unless the suitor is a Rockefeler or a Rothschild. Then, and ONLY then would I THINK about it.



   2.) I’m working with the coolest people and I am so grateful for that! They make everything run smoothly and time seems to fly by and my ankles seem to decompress with joy. No, really. They are THE COOLESTEST!



   3.) There is this mouthwatering sandwich that you can find at gas stations made with whole bread, chicken and some veggies. I have a really complex relationship with this sandwich because I love it (it brings such joy to my FLAT tummy) and I hate it at the same time – because – DUH – still dieting. Somehow.




   4.) I have a crush! I’ll take out my #CatholicSchoolUniform and give it a ride! 5b




   5.) I need tons of glamorous dresses for the weddings. Oh, did I tell you that basically I have to help organize / or sabotage a wedding in 4 days? And I also have to attend said wedding!





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  1. Feli Felicia says:

    geanta Prada e mama lor!!! ??

  2. andaaa says:

    Can va aparea emisiunea?

  3. BlueDiana says:

    Love your outfit, it looks so comfy, but still super glamorous

  4. Oana L. says:

    Abia astept sa te vad la TV! Cred ca o sa fii geniala!

  5. Budeanu Marina says:

    Can’t wait to see the show ❤️

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