Bucharest Street Festival was all about Eat Now, Diet Later

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16 September 2016 / By / 13 Comments

Well, my diet went for the 832’th time down the drain. And this time I didn’t feel guilty at all. The Bucharest Street Food Festival was absolute bliss.

They say you need to look at food as something you need to survive and be healthy. True. Partially.

We also need to see food as one of the hedonistic pleasures of life. I’m not going to be all pretentious around here and start lecturing about  niche gourmet dishes. Sure, culinary experiences are diverse, but Muriel Barbery puts it in a perfect perspective in her Gourmet Rhapsody novel: There are people who consume gourmet because they love the food and some consume it for the  image. 




Well, let’s say I enjoy refined dishes but my heart will eternally belong to street food. No joke and no pr. It’s always my first choice. Everyone who knows me personally can confirm it. And judging by my figure in the last months you, the ones who know me from the internet, can figure it out too #haha


Fact is, salads rhymes with #bleacs and this festival was one delicious and guilt free calorie bomb.




Ohhhh, what a lovely surprise, my Face is on the poster!!!





Tudy, always on duty



Deea is one special little human





It was nice meeting you ladies 8b







Laura 8 choker – Zara dress – Miu Miu heels – Louis Vuitton sunglasses

Photo by Emil Costrut at Bucharest Street Festival



And those live bands were the cherry on top as they managed to turn a food festival into an urban party. So yeah, I went, I feasted and bought some to go’s too. I’ve also met friends, enjoyed a few drinks and maybe gained a few pounds. And you know what? It was all worth it! 


One cool event to remember this early Autumn.





I don’t understand what’s with all this complaining about staying in lines. At entering a festival, at cash points, at food trucks. It’s almost a trend, saw it at Untold, at Summer Well, well, basically everywhere this summer. I say we need to chill for a moment, lines are normal, this is what happens when you gather thousands of people in one place. Nowhere in the world there isn’t one entrance per person when entering a festival. Stop complaining and fucking enjoy the moment. And while you’ve waiting in line, smile, who knows? Maybe you’ll even make new friends.


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  1. Paun Daniela says:

    Am vazut si eu rochia in Zara, e ce trebuie 😀

  2. Lady Rose says:

    You are beautiful.

  3. Lumi says:

    In cateva zile incepe street food festival si la noi in Iasi, abia asteeeept

  4. Morofan says:

    Esti gorgissima, ca de obicei, iti ador sandalele Miu Miu si sunt total de acord, street food e de o mie de ori mai buna decat mancarea gourmet

  5. Albinuta says:

    La naiba, acum poftesc un burger! De unde e cel din poze? Arata fenomenal

  6. Sabina Andreea says:

    I wish I could live off burgers 🙁

  7. andiiii says:

    Oh man, ce ciuda mi-e ca l-am ratat 🙁

  8. Delilah says:

    Is having a glass of Aperol during office hours so bad? You’ve set off my craaaavings so bad!

  9. catrinela says:

    mie mi-au furat inima pantofii tai <3

  10. Virginia Olanescu says:

    Am fost si eu, am mancat in cele 2 zile pentru o saptamana :))

  11. Fashionista says:

    Unpopular opinion, dar eu prefer gourmet 😛

  12. Mira says:

    Si pe mine ma dispera oamenii care se plang intr-una de cozile de la festivaluri…. serios, ati mers acolo ca sa va distrati sau sa va plangeti si sa carcotiti?!

  13. Lee says:

    I could use a glass of prosecco right now 😀

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