7 Things You Simply Must Do While Travelling on a Boat

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PNK Casual fishnet dress & white blazer – H&M white lace blouse and fringe skirt – Dole&Gabbana wedges



Being on a boat for a week has its perks. You learn things. About the sea. About nature. But mostly, you learn things about yourself. Let’s say… you become more resourceful. 


I came back from my Party Sails adventure with a few tiny conclusions. 7 to be more exact. 


7 Things You Must Unconditionally Do While Travelling on a Boat


1. Always, like A-L-W-A-Y-S bring an abundance of luggage with you. And try to fit it in your TINY boat cabin. This way you’ll experiment what pets feel like when they sleep in your suitcase. Except you are one hell of a big pet this time and guess what? You won’t fit in. So you and your paraphernalia will be bed mates and sleep together.


2. Don’t forget to use make-up. Everyday. Don’t worry about marine winds, salty water or the Sun. Corpse Bride needs a sequel anyway.


3. Lace dresses are the best. Especially after you just took a dive in the sea. Mix that with sunscreen and they will caress your skin like the cuddliest cashmere. 


4. Bring along a scented candle. Yes, I know, you wouldn’t be caught dead travelling without it. Neither would I. So why not have it with you on a boat too? Most importantly, leave it lit while you’re sleeping and there’s a storm on the sea. It will most likely fall on your bed, staining all the sheets with wax. It’s not all bad though, the scent will be so much more intense. 


5. If you happen to take jewelry with you (and of course it will because – duh – jewelry is your reason to live, when it comes to womanly stuff) leave it on the deck just moments before the boat hits a huge wave so it can fall overboard. No need to cry, your luggage will be lighter for your return. 


6. No need for sunscreen. You will not get sunburnt. Not on the first day, anyway. After that, pray to God; that should suffice. 


7. Bring as much fancy clothing as possible. You’re on a boat for fuck’s sake, you need to look like you’re going to that year’s MET gala. You never know…




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  1. carmensita says:

    iti ador ochelarii de soare albi

  2. Kitty says:

    I love love LOVE that fringed skirt, looks amazing on you!!

  3. BlackCarla says:

    Foarte sexy rochita neagra, imi place de mor ❤️

  4. Ali says:

    Lumanarea parfumata e un must, total de acord :))))

  5. Lawanna says:

    Sunscreen is for weaklings, you deffo don’t need it! Hahaha, I love the funny twist on this post

  6. Delia Carina says:

    Loved this one, am ras bine :))))

  7. S says:

    Outfit-ul cu fusta roz e superb 😀

  8. Jade Lane says:

    You are too gorgeous, I swear and both outfits are sublime!

  9. Ioana Maria Demian says:

    Sper sa ajung si eu intr-o zi pe barca, nu am fost niciodata si pare incredibil de frumos din ce am vazut vara asta la tine pe blog 😀

  10. Cornelia Danciu says:

    Nu uita de stiletto super inalti, cu tocuri imposibil de subtiri! Neaparat ai nevoie de vreo 7 perechi cand esti pe barca 😀

  11. Petra says:

    Ca de obicei, absolut superba!!

  12. Claire says:

    You have the most beautiful adventures, I’m a little jealous 😀

  13. Candy says:

    The outfit with the mesh dress is the bomb

  14. Mariana says:

    Partea trista e ca unii oameni chiar fac multe din lucrurile pe care le-ai scris :))

  15. Jelly says:

    Spending a week on a boat sounds like heaven

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