There’s a Home for Everyone. Even for The Craziest Dolls

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15 September 2016 / By / 17 Comments

Tennessee Williams once said

We are all sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins, for life.

Then  Maya Angelou came and hit the bull’s eye.

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.




The search for a place where I can feel at ease, comfortable, totally relaxed and safe is a leitmotif around here. I seem to manage to find one, declare it Perfect and then, after a while, I just slowly start to feel it slowly becoming not so perfect anymore. Then I shift my focus into looking for a new home, more serene, with different light, with a new furniture style and different decorations, which, truth be told, are my addiction. 






Ever since I moved alone, when I was 16 years old, I didn’t manage to remain constant and faithful to a singlr home. Zagorca, my psychologist, has a theory… maybe it’s the right one for me. Or maybe even when it comes to this aspect of my life, I’m just different. 4b Yeah, sometimes, the answer to my questions is not a revealing one or a solution, it’s the fucking catch phrase: I don’t know why this is not working for you, maybe you’re just different. #ShootMeNow







Ioana Ciolacu dress – Cathias Edeline heels – H&M earrings

Phots by Emil Costrut at The Home‘s new showroom (Brazilia street, no 16)



Or maybe I simply want to live the feeling of a new home decorated very often, as in one every two years. 10b

Regardless of the situation, what I know for sure it that no matter whether you need different homes to feel safe and relaxed, or just one, no matter whether you fill your home with lots of objects you fancy, or if you have a big or tiny place, if it’s filled with people or it’s a place just for you and your loved one, feeling at home is all about that subtle sentiment of supreme protection. And that’s one vibe we all need to feel from time to time. No matter how diverse is our need for space.


And yes, sometimes Home is a person! But I’ve always been a pragmatic bitch, so Home for me means: white bed sheets, white curtains, white towels, different glass decorative domes, crystal glasses, a wall filled with beautiful art sketches, a relaxing sensorial carpet and a few dozen plants. inima-albastru



The Home is one of my latest discovery when it comes to interior design. Their new showroom (Brazilia, 8) is filled with positive energy and fascinating pieces of furniture and decorations. A place where you’ll discover a deco treasure at every turn. A place where you can really buy your dreams at affordable prices. 



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  1. Clementina says:

    E foarte diferita rochia de tinutele pe care ni le arati in general, dar imi place!

  2. Alina Gema says:

    Tocmai ce ma gandeam sa rearanjez putin lucrurile prin casa 😀

  3. miumiu says:

    :))) ce simpatica e poza cu pasarile din portelan

  4. Georgiana Voicu says:

    Ca de obicei, mor dupa pantofii tai <3333

  5. Vera says:

    Tocmai am terminat de redecorat, acum m-as apuca din nou :))

  6. DecoGeek says:

    I love The Home, jumate de casa mi-e decorata de la ei

  7. Lauretta says:

    Love this post, your posing is so quirky and funny

  8. Carina Cleopatra says:


  9. Otilia Man says:

    Ce cute e prima poza, cu bolul cu ursulet :X

  10. Anamaria Ioana says:

    Foarte frumosi cercelusii, Ana, iti stau super bine

  11. mimi says:

    O iubesc pe Ciolacu, rochia asta e minunata 🙂

  12. Missy says:

    Chiar saptamana trecuta am fost in the home, e genial locul

  13. Ev says:

    You are the best!

  14. GossipGirl says:

    lovely dress 🙂

  15. Gina C. says:

    Haha, ce faina e ideea cu papusa, super cool pozele 😡

  16. Maria M says:

    Ce mărime ai ,Ana?
    Esti superba !

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