Being Named The Ambassador Of Crisana Made My Day

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26 November 2014 / By / 17 Comments


I`ve been chosen to be the ambassador for Crisana, the part of the country where I come from. Actually, Arad, the city where I was born, is divided between two regions. Half of it is in Crisana, half of it in Banat. Well people, I am from the Crisana part of Arad #smile

IUTTA initiated this valuable and touching campaign to inspire people to get reconnected with the positive aspects of all the regions of our country and I am proud to salute and support their initiative.

One of my values was always inspiring people to see the positive aspects in everything, it is easy understandable that I will gladly support brands and people who believe in this principle as much as I do.




Congratulations IUTTA and thank you for naming me as Crisana`s Ambassador. It is a real honor.







Ana Crisana





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  1. Ilinca says:

    Ce frumos!

  2. sara dinu says:


  3. Marinescu Andrada says:

    Habar nu aveam ca Aradul e jumatate in banat si jumatate in crisana 🙂 dragut

  4. OanaB says:

    lovely! Traditions is all that we have left

  5. MariLena says:

    Dor de romanesc…ce frumos!

  6. Lavinia says:

    Cred ca ‘dor’ e cel mai frumos cuvant din limba romana

  7. denise says:

    love the necklace!

  8. fata_frumoasa says:

    Ce frumos ca esti mandra de originile tale! Bravo!

  9. Anna_from_Arad says:

    lovely words!

  10. sanziana says:

    ador campaniile care ne intorc la traditii! bravo!

  11. Stan Bianca says:

    si mie mi-e dor de oamenii care se poarta frumos unii cu ceilalti!

  12. Gina says:

    oamenii din partea aceea au avut tot timpul o caldura aparte

  13. camelia says:

    dorul meu e sa fie promovati mai mult oamenii frumosi, ca tine 🙂

  14. andreia says:

    Arad, probably the best city in the world! 🙂

  15. Aurora Dinculescu says:

    foarte frumos spus!

  16. alexandra says:

    wow, ce colier frumos!

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