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26 November 2014 / By / 37 Comments



Et voila, the waiting is over. The new capsule collection from the Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes series is here. My Autumn line is focused on my latest shoes obsessions. As you will notice, I got over the stretch thigh-high boots and moved over to a more edgy cut. The booties and mules are among my Must Haves this season. Yes, this season, haven`t you heard? A stylish lady nu se impiedica de un ciot like a little cold and winter.

In fine, without further ado, here are the new Items:


The Dark Queens worn here with PNK inspired by Adela Popescu skirt and blouse




Details ana morodan

ana morodan

ana morodan at smiling shoes

ana morodan at smiling shoes



The Beige Fairies worn with a PNK Casual coat


Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes

ana morodan at smiling shoes

details ana morodan



All of the Lights  worn with a Zara shirt and H&M culottes


ana morodan details

ana morodan

ana morodan



A Red Alert worn with a PNK Casual inspired by Adela Popescu dress and Parfois jewelry


ana morodan com

ana morodan com

ana morodan

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes is a long term collaboration of which I am extremely proud because besides succeeding in delivering affordable items which I love, is a collaboration that proved to be satisfying for all our customers, and that for me is the biggest reward.

My wish is that these pairs of shoes will give you confidence, good vibes and the power to conquer the world!

Thank you for being here. Brace yourselves for a fashionable winter.


All the items will be available on Smiling in 4 hours.








Smiling Ana







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  1. Anda Mincu says:

    wow, supeeeerbe! abia astept!

  2. andreea says:

    toate sunt minunate

  3. Selena says:

    I love the red suede boots and the dress

  4. dana says:

    Just in time for Christmas!

  5. floriana says:

    ghetutele sunt preferatele mele!

  6. Anda Stan says:

    sper ca e acelasi calapod confortabil! Sunt fericita posesoare a doua perechi de cizme don colectia ta si le-am purtat pana la epuizare!

  7. fashionette says:

    cool collection! The black ones are really sexy

  8. nancy says:

    these boots are made for walking! great job!

  9. adele says:

    the mules are a must have! Love the color!

  10. marcy says:

    they look perfect with these dresses! love it!

  11. raluca says:

    hmmm, si de data asta imi doresc toata colectia! ce ma faaaaac?! :))

  12. Gina says:

    hot booties! and the color is so evergreen!

  13. Sorina Dan says:

    n-au trecut 4 ore? 😀

  14. Cizmele negre sunt absolut superbe!
    Felicitari pentru noua colectie si mult succes in continuare!

  15. Cristina says:
  16. madalina says:

    paltonul e foarte frumos si merge perfect cu ghetele

  17. Racu Maria says:

    cizmele negre sunt very hot! must must must have them 🙂

  18. teodora says:

    am cate o piesa din fiecare colectia semnata Ana Morodan, dar de data asta cred ca le voi avea pe toate 🙂 incep cu cizmele rosii

  19. Lorina says:

    great job! love them!

  20. Camelia M. says:

    you look great!

  21. Ruxandra Pancu says:

    bretonul arata minunat! la fel si tu 🙂

  22. adele says:

    interesting dresses

  23. marga says:

    esti foarte fresh in pozele astea 🙂

  24. anamaria danciu says:

    cizmele sunt, ca de obicei, dementiale! bravo!

  25. Madalina says:

    Sigh :(.. I’d rather wait forever, this is pure torture Ana! Anyways, a pair goes on my Christmas wishlisht, I’ve heard that miracles do happen on Christmas Eve :)).

  26. simona radu says:

    superbe toate! bravo!

  27. georgia says:

    oh, the mules! I love that color 🙂

  28. Dorina says:

    pe cat de mult urasc iarna, pe atat de mult ador sa port cizme! iar cele negre sunt wow!

  29. vio says:

    rochia neagra e foarte interesanta

  30. shoeLOVER says:

    make me smile with smiling shoes 🙂

  31. SABRINA says:

    the mules outfit is my absolute favorite!

  32. RalucaS. says:

    ghetele sunt extrem de elegante!

  33. ofelia says:

    you may be a midget, but your legs are awesome! 🙂 especially in those boots!

  34. the fashionista says:

    I did it! I have the Edna haircut! hurrraaaaaay! 🙂

  35. Teodora Radu says:

    paltonul e superb!

  36. Khristine says:

    the dark queens are perfect for dark days!

  37. matilda pascu says:

    so parisiene chic!

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