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26 November 2014 / By / 21 Comments

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Maybe some of you will label me as `idiot` after reading this but I have to tell you a little weather details about my likes. You know, I`ve always hated the cold. Actually, I`ve always hated Winter. The muddy weather, another worst thing about winter is how it gets cold and dark really early , the fog, the sneezes, the bone penetrating colddddd. And then, the flu…nope, definitely people, I am not a fan of winter. Not at all. Not a tiny bit. Bleacsss

Wait, wait, there`s a connection with the pictures today just go on reading.

I never was a sick child nor a low immunity adult, I don`t get sick, almost never, except during Winter, when the flu gets me…Ok, it may be because I am always dressed like it`s summer – Ana`s Personal Style Secret I hate winter clothes and most of the times I am wearing Spring clothes in Winter – that may be an explanation for the frequent colds, I know, thank you.

But fact is that because of getting cold I miss winter-ish things like: ice skating (last year when all my friends went and I was sitting in bed, dead cold), hot wine on a bench in the park or taking fairytale pictures when it`s snowing.

However, I am determined to welcome this Winter with another mind focus. Like in today`s pictures, I am and will forever be a cat person but lately I tried to open my heart to dogs too. They are marvelously lovable creatures. I found these puppies the last time I visited European Heritage and as the pictures show, we had spent some quality time together.




anamorodan com

ana morodan

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

ana morodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan comI am wearing Smiling Shoes boots, an H&M dress, Ray Ban sunglasses  and an AEP bracelet

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




Long story short, cold and flus won`t stop me from loving Winter from now on. I am determined. And I`ve developed a strategy for starting to become a winter lover. Because when your throat aches you focus on the pain and might miss the beauty around you.


Here are my 3 easy steps from going from hatin` to lovin` winter:


• I`m going to focus on the snowing evenings, I am going to take long walks in parks right after it snows, when everything is peaceful and calm

• I`ve discovered a new platform that will help me/us (I hope I am not the only one in this situation) discover what symptoms I have for each type of cold or flu, where we can take tests or discover fun manners of how we can prevent getting cold – pretty helpful platform, I might add

• Because of the little details like hot chocolate (only in winter), that ultra-rich moisturizer, the big,bold, red wines, fuzzy slippers and pajamas, natural blush color, hot tubs, big scarfs, tree branches covered in snow, hot toddy`s, that Acne knitted blouse, the drama of saying `winter is cominggg`, carbohydrates become acceptable somehow, a new year starts and we`ll have more reasons to start over and try harder to follow our dreams.


But most of all, I think I`m starting to love winter because cold weather is a reason to stay inside and write more, as in stay inside and talk more with all of you. #yeyyy


Make sure you`re not missing the fun and positive part of this dreamy season – click on  and take the test to discover which type of flu or cold might affect you. Because yes, it`s much more easy to prevent than to cure.



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  1. kira says:

    lovely dress!

  2. LoreDana says:

    hate winter too!

  3. Andra Teodorescu says:

    esti foarte draguta!

  4. mariana says:

    platforma e foarte tare! PS: sigur o sa racesti daca porti acum cizmele alea superbe 🙂

  5. Mireille says:

    I hate winter but I love cashmere! talk about love/hate situation 🙂

  6. anemona says:

    vai, eu ador sa ma plimb imediat dupa ce a nins! si pentru noroiul oribil de dupa, we have Hunters 🙂

  7. Florentina says:

    :)) mi-am facut testul….sunt EROUL NATIUNII! si chiar sunt cand vine vorba de raceala 🙂

  8. Olivia Pop says:

    platforma e very funny si plina de informatii wow…de exemplu Viteza medie a unui stranut este 150 km/h! asa e ca nu stiai asta? 🙂

  9. margot says:

    cute dress!

  10. Gina says:

    iarna=Craciun=cadouri. focus on that 🙂 o sa treaca mai usor

  11. alexa says:

    o rochie superba, chier imi place!!!!!!!!!!!!
    am gasit ceva cu printul asta, este un pic mai simpla dar cred ca merge!
    Go shopping!!!!
    Te pup, chiar ma inspiri!!!!

  12. alecsandra stan says:

    bratara e very cool!

  13. Mariana says:

    superba rochia!

  14. Olivette says:

    I love winter, I absolutely love it!

  15. calinescu laura says:

    eu sunt claaaaaar copilul mamei cand vine vorba de raceala! 🙂 da e asa bine:)

  16. Nicoleta S. says:

    urasc raceala! o urasc! si si mai mult urasc sa fiu nevoita sa ma imbrac gros 🙁

  17. denisa says:

    hmmmm, ce cizme frumoase!

  18. ivana says:

    love u’r outfit!

  19. marinescu maria says:

    toamna e anotimpul tau!

  20. SILVIA says:

    Superba rochia, de cizme nu mai vorbesc . Merita sa racesti pentu ele :)))
    Rochia e din colectia noua H&M? Nu o gasesc pe site 🙁

  21. Lana says:

    Of, aceste cizme m-am omorât. Ana, spune te rog dacă le comand, le puteţi livra şi în Republica Moldova?

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