Before Hosting The ELLE Blogging Awards…

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30 June 2016 / By / 10 Comments

Finally, finally, finallyyyyy I was able – well, technically Costrut was able to recover bits from the making-of video he filmed before Maurice and I hosted the first edition of Elle Blogging Awards.


Here we are, full of grace, as you know us. And with impeccable manicures, as always. 



Thank you to my team for always being on point and bearing with me even during the most hectic week* I had this year. 


IMG_7550M.Marquise dress


*Arrived from Turkey directly at the H&M Super B-Day shooting, the next day had some meetings then at 4 pm left by car for Timisoara, arrived on Wednesday morning at 3 am, wrote until 7 am, slept until 10 am, went to the Altfel magazine cover shooting, then held a style workshop for Tezyo, finished at 11 pm, left for Bucharest, arrived at 6 am in the morning in Bucharest, slept until 9 am, went for my dress fittings then straight to Elle Blogging Awards for the sound check and the gala. 

I actually work, who knew, huh? 5b


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  1. Iulyy says:

    Hahaha you guys rock 😀

  2. Mimi says:

    Ce dramatic e Maurice hahaha cred ca ati fost grozavi 🙂

  3. Felicity says:

    Now that’s a full week! Pe mine ma amuza ca inca exista lume care are impresia ca bloggerii nu lucreaza :)) It really is a full time job

  4. Gin says:

    that dress :O

  5. Tina Pop says:

    The pink panther se potriveste perfect cu videoul :)))

  6. Ana Claudia Rotescu says:

    “nu te mai moimii” :)))) and your face! mor :)))

  7. Georgiana Otilia says:

    Ce echipa frumoasa sunteti 😀

  8. Oana Ratiu says:

    Ador rochia pe care ai purtat-o la Elle!

  9. Belle says:

    Ai aratat splendid, mi-ar fi placut sa ajung si eu sa va vad live, cred ca ati fost amazing 🙂

  10. MoroFan says:

    Here’s to many more gracefully carried long weeks! You were gorgeous <3

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