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3 December 2012 / By / 8 Comments
© Serban Cristea
 I went to see Cloud Atlas this weekend. No, we won’t talk about the movie, which I must say blew my mind with it’s complexity and all of it’s characters. Full of metaphors and signs it’s overall lesson is that we are all connected and until we don’t learn to be good to each other we will never evolve.
Cloud Atlas is like a statement necklace – you have to take care of the memory of watching it, preserve it on a velvet box and admire and understand it’s beauty  from time to time.
But not matter how much I would love to talk about the movie with you guys I feel the urge to scream and curse each time I remember the 90 per cent of the crowd that was in the movie hall with me.
Humanity be damned! You know, sometimes, after I see this kind of behavior I think that we deserve to perish. We will always bitch and mock what we don’t understand.
Thank God for Serban and my hartshorns.
This movie experience among my compatriots made me think how uneducated we have become. Ok, ok, quick, since I’m a great believer in the Conspiracy Theory at all levels I think that in the 90’s when they decided the get control over this country, their first step was to eliminate the educational system (we’ll speak about this with other occasions).
Ok, getting back, this movie experience got me thinking at book stores and how they are among the only places where people nowadays behave in a polite and educated manner.
I spend one afternoon at the new Humanitas Library near Cismigiu. I adored it darlings!
Special books, interesting conversations with polite strangers, yummy flavored tea and serenity. Ohh, how I loved it, I always wanted to own a book shop so this was like testing my dream.
 Sure, in my dreams, like in real life, I was dressed like a magnificent diva, like here, in this magnificent deux piece from Alina Botea – shop it on  Molecule F.com
I hope you loved It’s not Monday, it’s MORODAN day this week and remember, librarians have the books, the answers and the sexiest lingerie.

Now, let’s call it a day cause I start to remember about the movie crowd and I’m getting pissed off again.


I have the awesome est surprise for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

The sexy librarian


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  1. Thank God nobody can tarnish one’s reading moments (I’m reading Cloud Atlas and loving it).

    Love the deux-pièces!


  2. ZADIN says:

    Deux-piece-ul e fenomenal.


  3. Mary M. says:

    I don’t think I can even find the right words to describe this movie properly..so many meanings and a little bit of everything: comedy, romance, action, a man who fights against discrimination (on so many levels and stories), how can a man change once he had met the right person and how important freedom and faith are. I’m sorry to hear about the unfortunate environment , I saw it in Iasi and everybody was glued to the screen, I didn’t even hear whispers..During those three hours I actually felt like there’s still some hope .. Fabulous attire and I love bookstores, always so pleasant and peaceful

    Kisses, Mary

  4. Anaivilo says:

    And you look adorable! I love that suit, the color is driving me crazy!

  5. petitegigi says:

    E superb deux-pieces-ul! Si culoarea, si croiala! Wow!


  6. Elena says:

    My dear,you look adorable!Luv this deux-piece and the fine touch given by the nude colour of the shoes!

  7. sasha says:

    daca vorbim despre librarii, iti recomand “cea mai frumoasa carte din lume” de eric-emmanuel schmidt. 🙂

  8. Ana says:

    Sasha, am citit-o, mi-a placut mult de tot 🙂

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