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4 December 2012 / By / Post a Comment

I’ve met with Kinga again these days during our Peroni Collaborazioni proejct to discuss a little bit more about what colors and textures we should use when creating our clothing article.

I wanted to choose a non color, cause you already are familiar with my addiction to black but I think white would be a daring option for winter. Have you noticed that people don’t use this non color that much during winter time? Well, I’m special and I declared Kinga special too so we are going to use it. 

By the way? Have I told you how much I love Kinga? She’s the sweetest and warmest person ever and her designs are so feminine and sensual, perfectly made for the countess in us.

Kinga had the best idea how to create a versatile clothing article that can be that natural touch of Italian glamour at the after sky party and elegant and practical when skying.

I’m sure you guys will love it. Can’t wait to show you next week about what I’m talking about!
Until then, you can follow our adventures on Peroni’s Facebook, site, tumble or on High Street Cardigans

In this video you can see all three teams. I can’t wait to see what they have thought of too cause I know they are really creative and talented.



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