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So what do you want first? The life philosophy lesson or the technical, project in the making part?

Well, since you cannot answer right now I’m going to decide for you and I’m gonna start with the “let’s talk about human nature” part.

The title today refers at the different sides of one’s personality.

As we grow up, become more mature and gather life experience we somehow develop different self protective shields with some people and keep our sensible side just for few of them, the ones extremely close to our hearts. It’s natural and it kinda “comes with the job” of living among people and exploring human nature. People hurt us like we hurt other people. Maybe they do it by mistake or by making us collateral damages or let’s face it, sometimes they hurt us intentionally.
A consequence of this shield we create to not get hurt is that some people may perceive us like an unbearable/arrogant/cocky human being and they may call us a faker when they see our good side too.

You can rest assured, you’re not!
What is happening inside of you that makes you create those shields it’s simply called preservation instinct.

I have it and I’m really proud of it. I learned my lessons in the hard way but I did. People are not bad nor good in an absolute manner but I think it’s wise to keep your privacy private and start be realistic. Life is not pink and not all the people whom are nice to you are also sincere, this is a little expired fairytale. It’s not a drama and I am not trying to be dark, I am just pointing out the obvious and tell you to learn your lessons and adapt easily so that you can start building your real fairytale in this world. Stop building your castles in the sky, build them here!


Here are a few of my lessons

  • there is no such think as girl crowds where the girls are not gossiping each other with each other  (learned at 21 years old)
  • people may emphasis with your life experience but will never understand your actions completely if they have never lived a similar experience (learned at 26 years old)
  • staying true to your values may prove fucking harsh if your life plan includes networking (learned a few moths ago)
  • growing up aesthetically is not for everyone – thank God I’m in that percent of people for which is (learned two weeks ago)
  • there is not such thing as love as a concept, love is when you prove with real acts that you are there for your loved ones (learned last night)


Nowww, after the little adaptation in this society lesson let me tell you what’s with the pics.

A few weeks ago I was asked to start a little project with Marriott’s Grand Hotel Galleries in which I have to choose some of their brands, style a few outfits and show them to you. This is only a teaser so that you guys get to see which brand I choose first.  Ermanno Scervino is a brand that makes me fall in love with it more and more as days go by.

I’ll that to tell you in the actual post.

Now I have to run, Serban is waiting for me downstairs. Goodbye Bucharest. See you on Tuesday!


Ohhh, Happy National Day, Romania!


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  1. Mady T. says:

    love the 2 outfits, especially the first one! congrats on your award!


  2. oanastroici says:

    Multi/multe ar trebui sa dea un ochi peste postarea aceasta si sa inteleaga int-un final ca noi ca oameni putem fi si maleabili , avem capabilitatea de a ne adapta in fc. de circumstante si putem scoate la iveala partea noastra buna/rea…in functie de oamenii cu care intram in contact. Avem practic voie sa avem propriul nostru mecanism de aparare si e pacat ca unii fara a sti asta ne eticheteaza drept oameni prefacuti. Frumos post, mi-a placut!Trist sa primesti o eticheta nefolositoare dar adevarat.

  3. stilistele says:

    I’ve recently learnt not to make a drama out of every bad experience with people…my husband is a very relaxed person by nature, so I’ve noticed how bad experiences with some people hardly affect him in any way and that’s not because he would be insensitive, but because he knows for a while now that nobody is perfect…
    The dresses and styling are al amazing, lady A 😉

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