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25 December 2013 / By / 6 Comments

photo(2)This should be your mantra for this holiday, people! Be brave, stand up and the hero of your own life!




I do not know the English saying for “am zbughit-o” but I kinda did that in the last few days.  It’s the ending of the year and all my personal shopping clients went hectic to find their perfect outfits for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You must understand my lack of time. They’re many, I’m a little drama queen working bee. We had a “blast” but their satisfaction weights much more than my exhaustion.

I am at my parents’ at the moment, meeting my Arad friends, eating, drinking too much wine because that’s just  the kind of person I am, kissing Serban, spending time with my Godson and having some days off.


I’m well aware that it’s Christmas day and I know that there’s nobody on the internet right now but I just wanted to tell you guys that you are in my heart and I’m thinking about you and wishing you some peaceful days.

Below, is a picture with many gifts. It’s a metaphor for the things I strive to give to you every day not only for Christmas:


  • positivity
  • peace of mind
  • beautiful memories
  • serene feelings
  • freedom to be who you want to be


It may sound like this but no, I am not listening to a relaxation cd and reading you the tracks (my dad is listening to Beethoven like always so no chance of hearing something else) but I’m just here to let you know that this day is indeed a special one. Maybe because it’s a moment to reflect and to realize that the feelings we have for Christmas should last all year long.






Ana says



Morodan, the petite wise person wannabe



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  1. carrie james says:

    your post today dear ana filled my heart with a great feeling, thank you <3 <3 <3

  2. chic&chic says:

    oh so warm you are lovely countess, sending you all our love!!!

  3. Paula Fota says:

    sincer, chiar pretuiesc fiecare dintre lucrurile pe care ni le-ai dorit, asa ca ti le doresc si eu cu drag! mult drag!

  4. hermina says:

    hehehe, nu am plecat chiar la pescuit (desi duuuh cred ca e de fapt o metafora a vacantei), insa asa imi doresc sa ma intorc de fiecare data din vacanta 🙂 muah :*

  5. Diana Home says:

    thank you Ana!
    i wish you peace and strenght!

  6. Fashion Start says:

    cadoul tau este perfect, i couldn’t wish for more…good thoughts&concentrare love!

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