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morodan having fun

morodan in her backyard

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fun morodan

a different morodanI am wearing Smiling Shoes boots, Isabel Marant pour H&M pants, Weekend tee by Eva Culture, American Retro cardigan, Zara scarf,rdem for Linda Farrow sunglasses from and a Celine bag

© Serban Cirstea with Canon 70 D



Alexander Wang once said that everyone can get dressed up and be glamorous, but it’s how people dress is their days off that are the most intriguing.  Based on that I decided that you guys should see some normality around here also. Well, based on that and on the fact that I’m comfy dressing these days.

How has Christmas been treating you? I did exactly what the list above says – Cold nights, large sweaters, warm tea, soft socks and tons of cakes and chocolates. I organized my agenda, made some plans for 2014, met my friends and spent time with Super, the cat.(whom is mother’s favorite now)

My mother was less etiquette focused (educated in a school for girls side effect) and allowed my dad and I to eat in our favorite part of the house – the greenery.

I hope you guys are resting these days. Another adventurous year is about to start and we need to be in shape. I for one  want to take it easy next year. Take another assistant – Raluca is a hero but we need another helper too – and organize better. I wanna develop new, cool  projects – by the way, the book club is coming back, stay tuned – and I need to be organized and focused. But that’s another story. Now I’m super impatient for the day after tomorrow when I leave for Thailand.

Serban and I are  gonna spend the New Year’s Eve and 10 more days there and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Can’t wait to show you  my trousseau. I’m also going to shoot a new story there but shhh! More about that later. Today is all about packing.


The perks of having free time – watching trailers – I think my grandmother would have fitted perfectly here.



Ana says



Comfy leprechaun Morodan

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  1. alice says:

    Ador esarfa! Absolut superba, ca si tine!

  2. Andreea Voicu says:

    Well it’s quite nice to see some comfy outfit around here. I think the trip to Thailand will be amazing and I can’t wait to see pics from there. Happy holidays!

  3. Fashion Start says:

    ok, now i really dig the color palette, comfy & color beauty :))))

  4. Roxy says:

    oh how i LOVE your glasses!

  5. Malina Ionescu says:

    asta e unul din lucrurile pe care le iubesc la sfarsiturile de an: planul pentru anul care vine, si privirea retrospectiva pe anul care tocmai a trecut. a smart girl needs a plan!
    imi place esarfa ta si look-ul arata foarte comfy indeed 🙂 un an nou minunat Ana!

  6. Gabrielle says:

    thailand uuuuuuuu!!!! been there it is a great place to spend some winter time. can’t wait for your story from there! love your family stories too <3

  7. Beatrice says:

    yes, that list is christmas baby. i especially enjoyed the good book part, i think i will actually finish my 800 page book 🙂 btw, hope i can make it to the next book club, can’t wait!

  8. Diana Hristov says:

    frumos mood ne daruiesti de Craciun <3

  9. Gramma Otilia says:

    foarte buna remarca lui alexandre wang! thanks for being normal dear, but i still adore your countess looks

  10. tina j says:

    i fell in love with your snowy blog :)))))) beautiful attitude love it, it is inspiring!

  11. Paula Fota says:

    vad ca la tine e soare, ce frumooooos…sa ai o vacanta de vis!

  12. silvia says:

    si eu am petrecut timp cu familia, si am descoperit cu stupoare ca mi se pare adorabil comportamentul parintilor dupa ce nu i-am vazut tot anul 🙂 have fun in thailand dear

  13. Diana says:

    si eu sunt inainte de o binemeritata vacanta la spa`ul meu preferat, asa ca iti doresc toate cele bune si abia astept sa vad poze din excursia exotica 🙂
    toate cele bune!

  14. monica says:

    vacanta placuta! si un 2014 plin de realizari si impliniri si sanatate ca-i mai buna decat toate!! asteptam niste idei de outfit de vacanta …de zi relaxanta cu soare… si outfit-ul de azi e super…inspira relaxare, comfort si bun gust

  15. Soos Cristina says:

    Thailand … ohhh … it will be amazing ❤ in sfarsit o binemeritata vacanta pt tine 😉
    Deabea astept postarile si pozele

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