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19 November 2012 / By / 10 Comments
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© Serban Cristea

 You won’t believe what happened. Sometimes I think I should record my life somewhere.

As I promised you yesterday on my Facebook page, I’m going to tell you guys what exactly happened on Saturday evening. It took a lot of effort to persuade Serban to let me tell you (he is also involved and he is very protective with our private life) so buckle up cause we’re starting to roll.

On Thursday morning Serban leaves for some meetings through the country for a few days. I stayed here puttingon one of my little drama queen episodes on how much I miss him each time we spoke on the phone.

On Friday he tells me that it will be a good idea for him to make a stop in Brasov on Saturday evening and that I should come too, spend the night there and enjoy a beautiful, autumnal Sunday together.

I love Brasov, we go there every two weeks as you might have noticed, so of course I said yes, especially that in autumn there is a special/melancholic atmosphere in Brasov, which I adore.

I wake up on Saturday morning, made a stop at V for Vintage right before a personal shopping session with Andrei, a dear client of mine. Around 7 PM Serban gives me a call saying that maybe it would be a good idea for me to come by train so that we don’t have two cars there and come home separately. Well, okkkkk, I manage to take the evening train and with Vincent van Gogh’s book “Dear Theo” (which are actually the letters he sent to his brotherread it if you want, I think you’ll love it)  in my bag I get on the train.

While in the train, Serban sends me a message asking me on which wagon and seat I was placed. I tell him without suspecting anything. After a terrible hour and a half  the train stops at Sinaia station. It was night, the train was almost empty, in my compartment everyone was sleepy and I was almost nerve wrecked by this train trip (not a big fun of traveling by train, alone).

At one point, focus now cause here comes the interesting part – I hear someone saying:

Ladies and gentlemen please stay calm, this is a kidnapping, lady please come with me!”

I raise my head from the book and like through a dream I see Serban standing in front of the compartment’s door. I’m all dizzy, he takes my bag and my hand, I manage to tell the petrified people from the compartment that he is my fiancee and they can relax and in the next second we are of the train, which already leaves the station.

I can’t say a word, he kisses me and takes me to the car.

You know that in Sinaia, at the train station, there is a part where only the king would pass, on his way to the Peles Castle?  Well, since he already knows my passion regarding aristocracy and all those almost forgotten times, he arranged that I can pass right through there, making me feel once again, like an extremely loved and adored countess.

In the car I found these beautiful flowers waiting for me.



So that’s why I almost fainted and that was my Saturday adventure. Magical indeed, right?

It was like a dream and I will never forget it, it was so romantic and out of the box, creative, special, movie like, chic, extravagant and…ok, ok, I’ll stop now. Goodbye.

On the other hand, I would have loved to wear this Lucian Broscatean coat that night. I would have been so chic and decadent. I absolutely adore it and plan to get one for me to have and to wear until the end of days cause I think this coat is extravagant but also an evergreen.

I love what Lucian creates and I’m starting to develop a new fashion fixation with his designs.



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  1. Corina says:

    Asta da aventura romantica! 🙂
    “Draga Teo” e o carte superba si practic, singura sursa reala de informatii despre viata lui Van Gogh. Lectura placuta in continuare!

  2. Andreea says:

    Foarte frumoasa tinuta.

  3. stilistele says:

    este divina haina 😉 cat despre povestioara, enjoy your man, ai dat peste un romantic- aventurier; rara combinatie 😉

  4. Anaivilo says:

    Oh that is so romantic and amazing!! He is indeed a keeper! 😀 And these photos are simply stunning!! 😉

  5. Emanuel I. says:

    Daca m-ai scrii povesti din acestea, te sterg de la Favorites.
    Anca te citeste si-mi reproseaza ca yo nu mi-s romantic ca Serban al tau.
    Kidding, poate ma inspir si eu.

  6. ylenia says:

    Great look!
    What about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!
    I was also wondering if you would like to enter the competition to become the Fashion Muse on my online fashion magazine, it means that you will have your outfits published there!….write an e-mail at info.forerunners@libero.it to learn more!

  7. Awww…Now THIS is how you treat a countess! <3

    On another note, need I say your pictures are (once again) amazing? 🙂

    Love <3

  8. Biju.Brill says:

    Oh wow! You truly live a fairytale….you have an amazing fiance! I am glad you shared this romantic story!

  9. Well I must say I adore this post, because well.. I love fairytales (as dark and magical as they might be).

    And real ones, the ones that we get to live, are the best!


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