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Dear people of the world,

As I told you before, twice a month you have to close your mouth and open your ears cause Sanziana is speaking…

Lesson one in knowing better:  knowing lots of stuff

Ok, I know it might sound like one of those “duh” moments, but information is probably one of the most valuable commodities you can trade. Knowing more things should become a personal quest. I’m not going to urge you to join the gossip mill; that is just for amateurs.
Since already everybody does it, there’s nothing special about that. Plus we’re clearly not talking here about joining the crowd. But what I’m talking about is turning you into a dealer of coolness.
First step in doing that: start exploring your town. My piece of “I know better” advice this week is a task that, once completed, will make you a bit more knowledgeable and a potential source of information for those around you (major “I know better” points!). And, since it requires walking you get extra points for not letting your bum get wider with every hour spent sitting down (contemplate the horror: as adults we spend almost 9 hours doing nothing but sitting…scary, I know!)
So your challenge is to go out and about and discover the following: 
  •  The place that serves the best latte- no, step away from all your usual hangouts, this is about discovering a new place! 
  •  The nicest window display in town – for when you need some cheering up; winter days are enough to suck the joy out of even the perkiest of people
  • A place that has great soups- no, not your mom’s kitchen doesn’t qualify, all due respect
  • A place that makes you want to snap a picture and not necessarily share it all over social media– because you need to deal selectively
  •    A place that you would recommend to a foreigner – because you never know who’s going to ask
Be sure to be all over the details and particularities of these places – since knowing them will make the difference. And then, start casually dropping them into conversations; voila, you’re one step closer to being an urbanista in the know!

Listen and learn people, listen and learn…

See? I’m sharing these wise advices with you guys. This is true love people, true love. Know that!

the little do gooder



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  1. silvia says:

    loved this post! very inspirational!…aaaand I’m off- place hunting ;))

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