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20 January 2012 / By / 46 Comments

I put up 10 basic looks for  Fashion and Beauty’s “10 Inspirational Looks” column.

Yes people, for you to see the outfits, it’s exactly the reason why I’m not wearing a coat. Yes, I know it’s winter, yes, I have frozen to death. So, no “but didn’t you got iced there?” comments needed (vague smile).

You can see a few of them here.

 Well, since it was  my birthday, yesterday and the day before (half of my family says I was born on 18 and at the hospital, they accidentally put 19 on my birth certificate, the other half says that this half  is crazy, you don’t wanna know!).

I’m turning 27 (still no bit of wisdom, God help as all)  and I said to myself  “Let’s make someone else a gift this time“. After all, you guys are the one who have to put up with my endless, daily stupidity. The reason why your number, the ones who read this online serial-story column, is getting bigger and bigger as days go by will remain a mystery to me.

Anyways, Moja.ro sent a marvelous Irina Constantin dress for you.

Here it is…tadaaa


Do you want it or not?

And because with me nothing goes smoothly and also because I don’t want you to slap me on the face when you see me on the street, accusing me of favoritism, we have to make it a giveaway.

Here’s what you have to do:

– LIKE Moja Concept Store on Facebook

– Follow High Street Cardigans with Google Friend Connect

– Browse Moja.ro, find a fav item, then post it on Moja’s Facebook Page or on your blog

– Make sure to leave a comment on this post so that we can have your contacts(specify an email address, kittens)

You have two weeks and the winner will be sort of randomly. Fingers crossed!

Why do people celebrate the fact that we grow older is a mystery to me! (mystery being the word of the day, got it?)
The fact that I have to buy anti-aging potions from now on makes me feel…to use a proper way of speaking…not happy! Not happy at all, people!

So that you know, I’m perfectly aware of the fact that my post titles have nothing to do with the topics. I’m dysfunctional.


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  1. I am LOVING your outfits, the 10 looks are amazing! *dies* My favorite is look 7 🙂
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! 😀
    Wow that dress is gorgeous!! Sadly I can’t do backless dresses so I’ll let another lucky girl win it 😉

  2. ~Lara~ says:

    I too feel the need to take my coat off for the outfit post! I love the lace skirt in the first pic!

    I hope you have a wonderfully fab birthday(s)!

  3. Special K says:

    I ♥ u, u are insane…exactly my type of girl :)) Happy birthday!

    Also, must say that second outfit is faaaab!

  4. Juliana says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! May all your wishes come true!

    Lurve your hair!!!

  5. madz says:

    This dress is great!luv it!

  6. sandra says:

    super like! 🙂

  7. Biju.Brill says:

    Pai atunci ce sa-ti spun mai mulr decat sa traiesti, sa-nfloresti si sa ti se indeplineasca toate dorintele? Happy Birthday dear Ana !
    Si daca tot gazduiesti un giveaway… why not? Liked, followed you (was following you already…:-) ) and favored , poate imi aduci noroc, who knows?
    Happy b-day once again! :-*

  8. coco says:

    wawww…that special skirt !

  9. Anonymous says:

    I totally love this dress but please please please do not make me create a facebook account for this.:)

  10. Dorina says:

    La multi ani inca o data!
    Tinutele sunt superbe, ca de obicei!
    M-am inscris si eu la concurs!
    Mi-ar placea sa castig, nu mai am nicio rochie atat de decoltata in spate si culoarea e splendida.

  11. Loved each and every one of the looks you put together!

    I’m starting not to get this birthday thing either :P. But still, hope you had a happy one!


  12. kittenhood says:

    done, done and done – I’m in on the giveaway.

    happy birthday & I love the 10 looks.

    dar.142173 at yahoo dot com

  13. Felicia says:

    …Happy bday!
    and good luck to me 😀

  14. Kalancea says:

    except the fact that I love your style, I simply adore the way you are writing!!! so crazy and funny!!! It brights up my day 🙂

  15. Teodora Nitu says:

    Urmaresc deja blog-ul tau Ana, am dat like paginii de FB Moja. cat despre fav item, imi plac mult acesti pantofiori http://www.moja.ro/index.php/incaltaminte-1/incaltaminte-cu-toc/pantofi-cu-accesorii-florale.html
    S-ar potrivi cu rochita verde. poate o castig eu:)
    La multi ani!!!!

  16. La multi ani Moja!!!

  17. Miki says:

    La multi ani Ana! Sa ne bucuri in continuare cu haine frumoase 🙂

    done all the required. Ca si favourite item imi plac acesti pantofi:


    weekend placut!

  18. waybee says:

    Superba rochia, mai ales pentru ca este low cut back:) Fin si elegant! Si culoarea mea favorita!

  19. Boheme.Fille says:

    I’ve checked yesterday your ten looks and I must say I loved them all!

    Happy birthday! ..and yes, I’m not a big fan of celebrating birthdays either.

    For the giveaway: all the steps are done! 🙂


  20. ahhhhhhhh! how fun! i have to say that this:


    is my favorite! it’s so cute, and different!

    i have followed all of your steps and am double crossing my fingers for the win!!!

    allister bee blog

  21. AHHHHHH! AND – sorry about this: my email:

    allister bee at gmail dot com

    oopsies! 😉

    allister bee blog

  22. catalina r.m says:

    hi! I’m not sure, but I think my previous comment does not appear here.

    anyway, I was just saying that I laugh at the whole “birthday” situation. my birtday is in 2 months and it would be umbebloodylievable to turn 19 in that amazing dress.

    love and rockets,
    (not lizz) cata

  23. Madalina Simionof says:

    superba rochita!m-am indragostit instant si m-am inscris si la concurs!gata! 🙂


  24. oana says:

    green is my colour 🙂 la multi anisori 😉

  25. madduu says:

    In primul rand,la multi ani si tot ce iti doresti.Iti urmaresc blogul cu mare drag si te admir ca om si ca stil.In niciun caz nu as fi crezut ca ai 27 de ani :|.Totusi,frumoasa varsta si frumos om.
    In al2lea rand,rochita este superbaaaa.Am urmat pasii,iar mail-ul meu este madduu.madd@yahoo.com ! :*****

  26. Anonymous says:

    …am uitat : aeroela[at]yahoo[dot]com (deşi am lăsat şi comment pe pagina de facebook Moja[Ela Strachină]).

  27. I love your style and Happy early Birthday!


  28. lasmeninnes says:

    Happy Birthday! Si LA MULTI ANI!

    You are perfect the way you are…so stop giving usless explanations! :))))
    And your fasion style…OMG!
    And your smile…and your eyes!
    You rock!

  29. Mirona says:

    La multi ani (cat mai greu de observat adunarea asta de ani sa fie!)! 🙂 Si pe mine ma intreaba oamenii tot timpul daca nu mi-e frig, ma imbrac subtire (think ciorapi cu adeziv si rochie cu maneca scurta :)).
    Cei mai multi clatina din cap a jale asa si ma avertizeaza mamos ca o sa racesc candva foarte tare si atunci o sa devin si eu mai precauta. Well…good luck waiting for that to happen! :)) Se pare ca e buna si imprudenta meteo la ceva, mi-am construit o rezistenta 🙂 Facem o asociatie anti-infofolire? :)))

  30. IrinaPaun says:

    Brilliant outfits! You are an inspiration to me and I hope to have the chance to meet you soon!

  31. Oana says:

    GFC: Oana
    FB: Oana Catalina
    fave item: https://www.facebook.com/MojaConceptStore/posts/173751016064542

    email: oana [dot] catalyna [at] yahoo [dot] com

  32. Am urmat toti pasii…e-mail florentina_1983@yahoo.com. Imi place aceasta rochie http://www.moja.ro/index.php/imbracaminte/rochii-1/dcsd.html dupa site-ul Moja.ro. Cu ocazia asta te felicitit pentru blog, imi place mult stilul tau.

  33. Oana Roxana says:

    Ce frumoasa esti in prima! In urmatoarele doua esti chic,dar in prima esti radioasa. Si nu ma refer strict la aspectul fizic. Transmiti cu totul altceva. Such a nice feeling! 🙂

  34. Alina gh says:

    i’m in and i hope i win!!
    email: gh.alina@yahoo.com

  35. Pick me pick meeee 😀 Ok so you already know that I`m following you with GFC, liked Moja`s FCB page and my fav item is this dress http://www.moja.ro/index.php/imbracaminte/rochii-1/rochie-conica-decoltata-pe-spate.html I hope that I`ll win.
    e-mail: veronica.biliboc@yahoo.com

  36. skeptik says:


    lololove the dress {desi nu am niciuna verde si niciuna cu cut-out back] fingers crossed

  37. Sheree says:

    Love your looks and I love that green dress..fif everything I can to win it..pick me it would look fabulous on me :0

  38. Anca says:

    waw, so many girls are already in the contest, but I can still give a shot:
    facebook account: Bulendre,
    email address: bucur_anca@yahoo.com
    my favorite item is a red dress, posted on Moja’s fbk page.

  39. Adriana says:

    Happy birthday! I love your blog! You inspired me for a new diet. Thank you!

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