Why Authenticity is Magnetic

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We start off in life with wings open, trusty that we will conquer the world. And then The World happens. And then you’ve done it. You’ve lost your way. You went from speaking your mind to ReTweeting another guy. Which is fine for now. Once or twice. The problem is it gets easier and slipperier and greyer every time and you’re playing catch-up. Now you’re chasing someone else’s dream, now you’re living in their shadow. And before you know it, you don’t have a voice, you just sound like everyone else. You’re lost in the crowd.

Be the best at being You.

The Hundreds


Ana Morodan


I know we`re living in a perfect image populated world. I know skinny is tha bomb and lip injections are the shit right now. But what should we do if we`re not willing to put up with this beauty barometer?

Let me tell you:  NOTHING

Yep, exactly nothing.


Because womanhood I my opinion, more exact, the power of womanhood lies in these 3 attributes:

1. The capability of truly being a woman and building a personal universe around you

2. How I focus my personal power – being able to remain self confident in a world which strives you to be the exact opposite

3. Authenticity is Magnetic


Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana MorodanIngrid Vlasov skirt, Morodan Shop blouse – coming soon, vintage earrings, Parfois bag, Cartier bracelet, Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at Cremeria Emilia




1. I function based on the little details – a new dress, rearranging my wardrobe, a pair of sensual heels, pencil skirts, massages, perfume – my 2015 summer love is the one you see in the pictures – Olene by Dyptique, available at Beautik Haute Parfumerie(it smells like those mysterious summer nights when you feel butterflies in your stomach), red lipstick, music, laughing, red nails, beautiful pieces of vintage jewelry – the little details which give me power to be myself.


2. Sure I have my moments when I look at other ladies and say Mennn, this woman is smoking hot or That`s it, I`m only drinking green juices starting tomorrow. And practice sport 3 times per Day. Sure I have days when I feel not attractive or powerless. It`s normal and so human. Because you know, we are the best at sabotaging our mind sets. But at the end of a day like that I get up from my bed, spray a little Olene, paint my lips red, make my cat eye and pick the most beautiful dress in my wardrobe.

And then I dance with myself.  After 3 minutes the whole universe dances with me. See why I need the little details?


3. Authenticity is MagneticAuthenticity has an illusive quality. It’s like ‘Blink”, you know it when you see it – I`ve never experienced something more true and powerful than this saying. I mean, look at me, I`m not the Barbie girl type. Au contraire, I`m not tall, I have big boobs, short black hair (actually Cruella hair to be more exact), I don`t show off skin that much and most of the times I don`t look from this era. But let me tell you this, there was not a goal I set and not accomplished. Regarding anything. Business, Men, Seduction, Charm, you name it. When I set my mind on it nothing can stop me.

What is your strong moment? Identify one activity that sets you ablaze or puts you at peace and allows you to be your most natural self.  Next time you do this – notice the shift in your energy.  Notice how others react.


When you put your preferences on the altar of your life and say, “THIS! THIS is what I desire!”… fulfillment gravitates right to you. The universe finds your sincerity absolutely, positively irresistible. Authenticity is magnetic.












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  1. Ella says:

    We all love you because of your authenticity! Because you will never be Barbie 😉

  2. maria florea says:

    Cata dreptate ai, Ana draga! Pacat ca putini inteleg ca e bine sa fii diferit si e si mai bine sa fii tu, si nu copia lui X sau Y

  3. Madalina says:

    Parfumul meu preferaaaaaaaat ❤️❤️❤️

  4. High Heels says:

    Love this Italian look of you 😉

  5. cris says:

    superba fusta Ingrid Vlasov!

  6. Emilia Ivan says:

    E atat de greu sa reusesti sa fii tu cand toata lumea citeaza, copiaza, interpreteaza…

  7. Maxxine says:

    Oh, honny, daca autenticitatea e magnetica, nu era mai fain sa gasesti un titlu autentic, nu unul luat de pe net ;))

  8. Ioana O says:

    love the bracelets

  9. carmen popa says:

    Toate avem zile in care vedem cate-un top model fugit de pe podium la Mega Image, dar important e sa ne dam seama ca esenta unui om nu e data de felul in care arata.

  10. Ilinca says:

    Bluza e absolut minunata, abia astept sa fie a mea 🙂

  11. martha says:

    that last photo is absolutely amazing, I love it

  12. Ioana Irina says:

    Foarte frumos articolul, merita sa-l traduci si sa-l postezi in fiecare luna, atat in romana cat si in engleza, la sectiunea Anti depresie :))

  13. Irina Dumitrache says:

    adooor acest look, esti superba <3

  14. ruxxyy says:

    the skirt and the blouse are to die for, and they look perfect with the red lipstick and your great personality

  15. Elena Lucian says:

    Draga mea, daca toate am gandi asta tot timpul, cred ca n-ar mai fi psihologi si nici junk food pe planeta :))) Foarte frumos punctat, e un articol la care ma voi intoarce

  16. mariana iliescu says:

    parfumul e superb, l-am incercat azi, am ramas etern indragostita

  17. la_bella_contessa says:

    Ingrid Vlasov and Ana Morodan, a match made in heaven 😉

    Love this skirt on you and love Ingrid’s designs

  18. Mirabela Ioan says:

    Esti unul dintre putinii oameni autentici pe care ii cunosc si unul dintre si mai putinii care ramane autentic o data cu trecerea timpului. Felicitari pentru asta

  19. grace kelly says:

    this look is so Cote d’Azur, I love it

  20. Oana Irina says:

    Geanta e minunata, si n-as fi crezut ca geanta asta si fusta asta arata atat de bine impreuna 🙂

  21. Otilia says:

    I hate my body every week, but then again, there thousands of women who would kill for my boobs. So I move on :))))

  22. Rox says:

    Parfum de seara, zici?
    Dupa “ingrediente” pare mai degraba de zi – narcisa, caprifoi, iasomie, flori-albe. Poate faptul ca e un parfum lansat in 1988 (!) il face sa para mai vintage?

    Nu l-am mirosit, dar imi imaginez ceva floral vechi 🙂

  23. Mihaela says:

    May I please have the blouse? It’s gorgeous! 😀

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