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5 June 2015 / By / 32 Comments

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Yes, this blog is a business and yes I make money out of it. That`s just how it should exactly be because I`m an independent lady, but do you want to know what`s truly rewarding when doing this blogging, Kol business? Having the chance to meet and work with inspiring individuals who live beautifully and build stories from their businesses and life.


My encounter with Csilla Tulogdy was unforgettable! I`ll tell you why in a second but first, take a look at Csilla`s new look book and her kids line.


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11270584_474734299350796_6596198129239865173_oPHOTOGRAPHY: Adriana Becichi Photography | MAKE-UP: Flavia Silaghi | HAIR STYLING: POP ACADEMY | EDITING: Farcas Marius Iulian



I first heard of Csilla Tulogdy when Mazetta told me about her friend who`s a friend of friend, you know the drill,  and  that someone would like to meet and work with me.


I looked Csilla up on the internet and I loved what I saw in the pictures but it was not enough, I had to meet the person. And then I went and hosted Galeria de Stil in Cluj. And there I had the pleasure of meeting Csilla Tulogdy.


She is this gentle, educated, kind and a very self aware lady. I got fond of her on the spot. And of her designs.


The day when I had to go to Cluj again for her look book came. It was that morning.


I finally arrived at the botanical garden on a Friday morning where a huge greenhouse was filled with children and extremely fashionable mothers. Yeah, believe me, I have never seen a bunch of so stylish, cool and fashionable ladies looking so glam like Csilla`s friends. Everybody was hectic, Csilla was with her eyes and hands on everything, kids, clothes, me, make-up, hair, coordination, everything. Men, she really was a Hero that day. More than 30 people were on set. But you know what was different? It was not hysterical at all, it actually was very adrenalined and fun. The energy was memorable and so very positive.


And then I saw the dresses. It`s predictable that I fell in love, no? They are exactly my kind of garments. And the kids looked awesome in Csilla`s new line, don`t you agree?



This new Csilla Tulogdy campaign was not another project for me. It was a memorable encounter with beautiful humans. And you know why I think Csilla has such a great success with her clothing line? Because she inserts every It item with positive and serene energy.



Things you need to know:


  • Csilla means Star
  • The children besides being extremely fashionable and beautiful (stay tuned for next week to see them all and the kids look book) were also very polite and well behaved
  • Adriana Becichi is a very famous and appreciated photographer – Serban loves her work a lot and I became a fan also
  • My favorite dress is the black and white one – so sassy
  • You can find Csilla`s Showroom in Cluj or you can write her here












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  1. Superbe toate creatiile!

  2. Maria D. says:

    foarte frumos, abia astept sa vad toate creatiile, mai ales cele pentru copii. cred ca voi face o comanda serioasa pentru fetita mea 🙂

  3. marga says:

    prima rochie e superba, iti sta minunat

  4. Iulia R. says:

    Ana, ma bucur mult ca mi-ai facut cunostinta cu acest designer. Ma regasesc in creatiile ei si voi deveni client fidel 🙂

    Felicitari pentru aceasta colaborare frumoasa

  5. Edna says:

    The last photo is my absolute favorite <3 <3

  6. MiraBella says:

    :))))) i remember THAT morning, but I never thought that someone who looked like THAT can look like THIS a few hours later :))

    serenity and joy are the words that best describe this amazing photo shoot

  7. oana adam says:

    foarte, foarte, foarte frumos, imi plac la nebunie

  8. laura catalina popa says:

    fotografia in fusta e pur si simplu perfecta!

  9. clara_fab says:

    the striped dress is simply amazing and the headpiece is so cool, I love it

  10. la_bella_contessa says:

    lovely dresses, I love them all, Csilla is definetly very talented

  11. Marta A. says:

    Rochia mustar e preferata mea, ador rochiile camasa iar acest model amplu in partea de jos mi se pare absolut superb

  12. Carolina says:

    Si eu m-am indragostit de creatiile ei la evenimentul de la Cluj 🙂 iar colectia pentru copii e adorabila

  13. fifi says:

    I love the fact that the little girls are dressed so cool and they don’t look like minuature Barbies 😉 great work, Csilla

  14. diana stefan says:

    rochia curcubeu e minunata, deja e pe lista mea de must have vara aceasta

  15. Lori says:

    Draga contesa, arati superb inconjurata de copii 🙂

  16. andreea ioana says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Gradina Botanica din Cluj

  17. Delia says:

    I just found the perfect outfit for my 3 year old son 🙂

    thank you Ana, thank you Csilla

  18. cristina grigore says:

    Foarte feminine si pretioase aceste rochii, imi plac mult

  19. Andreia says:

    Exceptional lookbook, arati minunat iar copiii sint superbi

  20. gratiela says:

    the boys look great ❤️

  21. Miriam says:

    Absolutely adore these dresses and they are perfect for a modern countess ❤️

  22. danna says:

    Great work, I’ve been waiting for the lookbook for some time and it’s lovely 🙂

  23. Stefania Ion says:

    Rochiile sunt foarte frumoase, iar ultima e preferata mea. Ma bucur ca ai descoperit acest designer si ne-o prezinti si noua 🙂

  24. Ella says:

    Now I can’t wait for my son to grow up and dress him in these beautyful made in Romania outfits :))

  25. Liz Luiza says:

    Desi in general prefer rochiile scurte sau midi, rochiile astea m=au cucerit definitiv! Sunt absolut superbe si abia astept sa am propria rochie semnata Csilla Tulogdy 🙂

  26. maria a. says:

    love them all, you look absolutely ravishing

  27. Ivette says:

    Bravo, Csilla!

  28. mikka says:

    the striped one is my absolute favorite, I want it now 🙂

  29. Andra says:

    Colectia pentru copii e superba, abia astept sa cumpar ceva frumos pentru micuta mea

  30. Ioana O says:

    MI NU NA TE!

  31. Maddy says:

    the yellow dress is WOW

  32. Raluca says:

    foarte faina atitudinea baiatului din ultima poza. Asa mai undeground, dar, in acelasi timp, eleganta.

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